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Behind the Bell: Blacks at Microsoft


In this episode of Behind the Bell, Blacks at Microsoft Chairperson Alfred Ojukwu speaks to how employee resource groups (ERGs) recruit great talent, retain great talent and improve the community. 


The beauty about Resource Groups is that they create a space for people to connect, collaborate, ideate, figure out how to make things better.

BAM itself was founded in 1989, 1989, so that's about 35 years now. It was founded because there was a few of us out there working at Microsoft at the time. They were looking for an opportunity to find a hairdresser or a place to get their hair done. And that was the first initial connection that made us realize that there needed to be some level of connection, Employee Resource Groups, as we call it, ERGs, was started at that point and has grown ever since.
The mission is really to focus on advancing Black and African Americans within the company, recruiting great talent, retaining great talent, and really looking for ways to improve our community.

The reason why BAM does what it does and exists in the way it does is because we feel that it's important that there is that internal level of support to grow your idea, to make sure that people are engaged and learning about what matters within the company as well as within the community. People want to come to work because they see people that they can relate to. People want to be a part of a program because they know that makes an impact not just in their in their work life, but in their home life as well. And so it actually helps us work life balance as well as retention. What I love about building a better tomorrow is that it takes each and every one of us to get involved.

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