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Behind the Bell: Banzai


In this episode of Behind the Bell, Banzai Chairman & CEO Joe Davy joined us at MarkeSite to celebrate his company’s IPO and chat about how Banzai is making marketers’ lives easier by creating seamless integration for mission critical tools.


Just be resilient and be perseverant.

I think at the end of the day, those are the values that got us here.

We're really pleased to have partners that shared those same values because we never could have done it without them.

The average enterprise uses over 120 different marketing tools, most of which don't work together very well.

So Banzai’s solving this problem by going out, bringing those mission critical tools under a single platform, ultimately delivering value for our customers by integrating those tools and making it easier for them to use.

We work with organizations who care about growing and operating their businesses more effectively, so they can either support their nonprofit mission, support the growth of their new product if they're a startup or if they're an existing established company so they can operate more efficiently and effectively in taking their products to market.

Nasdaq historically has been the exchange of the future. Listing on Nasdaq for us is an essential part of our journey.

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