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    Ultimate Guide to Trading Index Options

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    What are index options, and what are the benefits of trading them? Understand index options and the Nasdaq-100® Index (NDX), and gain access to the tools you need to trade index options.

    This step-by-step guide to understanding and trading index options consists of:

    • Understanding Index Options: Trading index options broaden your exposure to the market, minimize volatility, mitigate exercise and assignment risk and provide access to favorable taxation.
    • The Nasdaq-100® Index (NDX): The Nasdaq-100® Index (NDX) provides an overall gauge of the top 100 Nasdaq-listed, non-financial companies.
    • Settlement and Contract: The specifics of settlement and contracts for index options differ from equity options. Take a look at settlement time and value, taxation and index sizes.
    • Index vs. Equity Options: Discover the underlying descriptions, settlement methods, exercise styles, settlement times and values, additional risks and taxation for both index and equity options.
    • Trading Index Options Checklist: We built the ultimate tool that gives you everything you need from start to finish in one place.