Transfer Your Stock Exchange Listing

to Nasdaq.


Why Transfer Your Listing to Nasdaq?

Companies switch their stock exchange listing to Nasdaq to:

Switching to Nasdaq is Good for Your Stock

We continue to support our listed companies throughout their entire growth journey. After making the switch to Nasdaq, stocks see improvements in intraday volatility, spreads, liquidity and the close.

Read the latest trading analysis from the Nasdaq Economic Research team here.


Since 2005, $2.2 trillion in global market capitalization has transferred to our market including:

Recent Switches
We innovate to serve our customers and continue to strive to serve our communities with a cleaner and brighter future. Nasdaq is the world’s most cost-efficient electronic trading platform with a goal of incorporating the environment in their business plan. We are proud to be amongst the world’s top tech and innovative companies at Nasdaq.
Chris Crane, President and CEO, Exelon

Nasdaq-100 Index

Companies who are eligible for inclusion in the Nasdaq-100 index can benefit from a significant investment from the QQQ ETF and tracking funds that follow the index.

Benefits of Transferring Your Listing to Nasdaq

Shareholder Engagement and Intelligence Tools

Maximize the effectiveness of your investor relations activities and enhance shareholder value. Get the advantage of our global perspective, buy-side relationships and real-time analysis of the capital markets.

High Impact Visibility

Tap into Nasdaq’s partnerships and align with iconic brands. Nasdaq’s visibility platform includes our MarketSite broadcast and events space in Times Square, as well as our venues and visibility opportunities around the world.

Predictable All-inclusive Fee Structure

Nasdaq aims to simplify the listing fee structure and eliminate all additional share fees. Companies will pay only a single annual fee to Nasdaq.

Switch and Sector Success
Exchange Transfers
Since 2005, more than 400 companies worth $2.2 trillion in market cap have switched to Nasdaq.
Sector Success
Nasdaq has welcomed leading companies from across all sectors - including consumer discretionary, technology, real estate, financial services, healthcare, industrials and utilities.
Nasdaq Welcomes 752 IPOs in 2021, Raising the Highest Amount on Record
Exchange Transfers
Since 2005, more than 400 companies worth $2.2 trillion in market cap have switched to Nasdaq.

Why Choose Nasdaq

Switch to Nasdaq’s First Growth Market in the Nordics

Additional Resources

Step 1. Complete evaluation and submit listing application for pre-approval
Step 2. Board of Directors approves the transfer to Nasdaq (if required)
Step 3. Submit listing agreement and certification to Nasdaq to complete application process and Nasdaq approves
Step 4. Issue press release announcing initial Nasdaq trading date and notify your current exchange
Step 5. File Form 25 and Form 8-A with the SEC and provide current exchange with a copy

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