Nasdaq OneReport

simplifies the process of ESG data capture, engagement, oversight, and disclosure


T A K E    C O N T R O L   O F   Y O U R   E S G   R A T I N G

Manage the numbers. Compose the narrative. Clarify expectations. Simplify the entire CR data management and disclosure process, with tools to plan, collaborate, oversee, respond, disclose and report.

Nasdaq ESG


ESG data has increasingly become an important resource for investors seeking performance indicators, but also for public companies trying to increase operational efficiency, decrease resource dependency, and attract new customers and employees.


H O W    N A S D A Q   O N E  R E P O R T   H E L P S

  • Orchestrate information capture, response management, and disclosure for GRI, CDP, DJSI, SDGs, MSCI, Sustainalytics, and many others – all from one platform.

  • Harmonize and navigate the many CR frameworks, ratings, assessments, lists, indices, standards, metrics, and public reporting demands.

  • Deliver unified and tailored ESG data to raters, investors, and stakeholders.




We're bringing efficiency and simplicity to the ESG reporting process

Navigate frameworks

More easily navigate the complex series of corporate responsibility frameworks available

Streamline data gathering and responses

Platform and workflows assist with ESG reporting preparation

Simplify sharing with agencies and stakeholders

Efficiently share data with ratings agencies and stakeholders

Empowering responsibility

Software for ESG Data, Response and Reporting Management

  • Engage and Educate

    ▪ Decide what ESG raters, frameworks, research organizations to address

    ▪ Determine what information to report and who to involve

    ▪ Monitor evolving ratings (metrics, terminology, commonalities, nuances, and methodologies)

    ▪ Support colleagues with contextual guidance and resources

  • Capture and Collaborate

    ▪ Pilot the information capture and response process

    ▪ Share the workload with tools to assign roles, delegate work, track data, and monitor status

    ▪ Access central repository for quantitative and qualitative information with supporting references, documentation, and communications

    ▪ Simplify the entire process

  • Respond and Report

    ▪ Connect to more ESG raters and frameworks than any other system

    ▪ Tackle information requests within one software platform

    ▪ Avoid survey fatigue and corporate responsibility ratings overload

    ▪ Deliver data to research agencies – easily and efficiently

  • Publish and Preserve

    ▪ Track information shared with ratings agencies and stakeholders for institutional memory

    ▪ Share information publicly: HTML and PDF-based reports and individual topics or “quantitative and qualitative” disclosures

    ▪ Create customized reports for:
    ✓ Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
    ✓ UN Global Compact
    ✓ Sustainable Development Goals
    ✓ Your organization and others

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