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Nasdaq's marketplace platform provides next-generation marketplace capabilities to industries beyond capital markets that are based on the rigorous regulatory, reliability and security standards of the financial industry.

    Marketplaces are in our DNA and the mission-critical technologies that drive them are core to everything we do.

    Nasdaq’s technology serves as the foundation for entrepreneurs creating new marketplaces or for existing marketplaces, that are looking to capitalize on real-time, multi-party price formation and negotiation to increase market participation, liquidity and product and services offering value. Used by 120+ of the most technologically advanced marketplaces on the planet – from traditional capital markets to advertising, to gaming and wagering, travel points and insurance – Nasdaq provides the technology required to reliably scale for large volumes of transactions and participants at high velocity.

    Current Uses of Nasdaq Technology


    Skytra will use the full suite of marketplace systems, including the core matching engine, the regulatory reporting required under MiFID II, and the market surveillance and pre-trade risk management solutions required to safeguard the integrity of the trading venue, which will trade air travel price derivatives.

    Explore Skytra's story


    The world’s first regulated securities exchange dedicated to commercial real estate, IPSX will use Nasdaq's trading technology to operate its exchange dedicated to the initial public offering and secondary market trading of companies owning single institutional grade real estate assets and multiple assets with commonality.

    Learn more about IPSX


    Road-tested for complexity in some of the world’s most demanding markets, Nasdaq is bringing its technology to the shipping and logistics industry to drive better operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved visibility across the transaction lifecycle and reliable scalability.

    Explore our solutions for shipping and logistics


    Leveraging Nasdaq’s mission-critical technology, betting operators, bookmakers, totes, and sports regulators can utilize a harmonized platform to meet needs for bet matching, pari-mutuel calculation, and market integrity,

    Learn more


    Healthcare, advertising, insurers and travel bookings and ticket organizations can also benefit from our marketplace platform's ability to transparently manage complex data, seamlessly settle transactions, match transactions in microseconds and create new markets.

    Learn how to build a marketplace at scale

    Technology & Services Support across the Asset Lifecycle

    A single platform to manage all of your marketplace needs

    • Marketplace Creation

      Manage the major components of market creation including market and customer access, governance model, and complete data management framework and solution architecture - the platform's overall security, reliability and scalability - through the marketplace platform.

    • Price Discovery

      Issue assets, negotiate pricing in real-time between buyers and sellers, provide transparent pricing information to involved parties, and safely exchange assets using a variety of market and matching models.

    • Transaction Resolution

      Safely and securely manage the ownership transfer, delivery and payment for goods and services from one party to another.

    • Marketplace Advisory

      Leverage Nasdaq's deep marketplace expertise to help guide development of governance, business and operating models as well as frameworks for market integrity and market participation.

    Benefits of our marketplace platform for new markets & non-traditional exchanges


    Experience in exchanging and transferring multiple asset types, from simple to complex


    Transparency across the transaction lifecycle between buyers, sellers and marketplace participants


    Multi-party price formation, and trusted ways to transfer assets

    Handles complex data

    Ability to manage complex data and normalize various formats, while also optimizing workflows between multiple systems


    Cloud-enabled solutions reduce cost and time-to-market for new marketplaces


    Blockchain expertise and solutions allow marketplaces to benefit from the inherent security and efficiency advantages of the blockchain

    Cloud-optimized Trading for New Markets

      Universal Matching Service

      Jul 22, 2019

      Technology for Innovative Marketplaces

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        Seamless Integration with the Nasdaq Financial Framework

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