Nasdaq Genium Consolidated Feed

Consolidated real-time data from all Nasdaq European exchange systems, across asset classes.

This Solution Helps

  • Institutional Asset Managers
  • Retail Investors


The Genium Consolidated Feed platform provides access to market data for a wide range of security classes.


  • Equities: In the Nordic region, GCF supports market depth up to 20 aggregated prices levels. In the Baltic region, GCF supports market depth up to 10 price levels.
  • Derivatives: The Nordic Exchange offers trading and clearing of futures and options on Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish equities and a clearing service for fixed income derivatives, indexes and tailor-made contracts. For this market segment, Nasdaq supports market depth up to 5 price levels.
  • Fixed Income: Nasdaq operates the most efficient and most transparent bond market in Europe. On the Nordic- and Baltic exchanges, firms can trade a full range of fixed income products including corporate, mortgage and government bonds. For this market segment, Nasdaq supports Level 2 aggregated quotation and trade information.
  • Indexes: Today, Nasdaq offers more than five hundred indexes that track the Nordic and Baltic markets on a real-time basis. GCF delivers full coverage.
  • Commodities: Nasdaq Commodities provide access to the world’s largest power derivatives market, including trading and clearing services of Nordic, UK, German and Dutch power derivatives contracts as well as European Union Allowances (EUA), Certified Emission Reductions (CER), Freight and Fuel andOil contracts. GENIUM Consolidated Feed supports full market depth and all price levels for this market.

Data Delivery Options

Firms may connect directly to Nasdaq data centers in Stockholm, London and the U.S. via a dedicated circuit or extranet provider. The GCF is supported at the Nasdaq Data Centers in Stockholm, London, and the U.S. For direct data feed subscribers, Nasdaq supports the TIP protocol for transmission. See bandwidth recommendations.

GCF Protocol Specifications

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