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Non-Traded REITs

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Enhance Discoverability, Transparency and Reach for Non-Traded REITs 

In an effort to bring transparency and support asset-gathering goals for an even wider cross-section of investable products, Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN) facilitates the collection and dissemination of performance and valuation data of U.S. and International Non-Traded REITs, to over 100 million investors.

Nasdaq Fund Network

About the Nasdaq Fund Network Service

The network is a registering, pricing and distribution service that covers 35,000- plus instruments across a variety of asset classes, countries and currencies. Members of the service register their products on the network and receive a unique symbol. The service then disseminates the data to over 400 channels, making it searchable on one of the largest distribution channels, which pipes into online brokerages and ISPs, as well as major market data vendors. NFN has introduced additional fields on the platform in an effort for greater transparency for Non-Traded REITs.

    Non-Traded REITs Fields On NFN:

    NFN supports a wide variety of REIT Fields, including:


    • Portfolio Stratification             
    • Hospitality 
    • Hotel                             
    • Hospitality
    • Restaurant 
    • Industrial
    • Office 
    • Medical
    • Residential 
    • Retail (Single Tenant)
    • Retail (Multi-Tenant)
    • Senior Secured (1st Lien)
    • Senior Secured (2st Lien)
    • Secured Bonds
    • Unsecured Bonds
    • Bank Loan
    • Convertible
    • Preferred stock
    • NEW - Total Square Feet / Meter
    • NEW - Real-Estate Portfolio occupancy
    • Redemption terms
    • Commissions
    • REIT Structure
    • Investor Suitability

    How Your Non-Traded REIT Strategies Can Benefit From NFN

    Enhanced Discoverability

    Receive a unique symbol for each REIT strategy to help increase discoverability on market data platforms and financial web portals.

    Greater Transparency

    Use performance and valuation data to better position REIT strategies against peers.

    Amplified Reach

    Reach 100 million-plus institutional and retail investors through NFN’s connectivity.

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