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    Nasdaq Dividend & Income Indexes

    Capture value through a diversified income approach.

    Income-generating investments are a critical component in many investor portfolios. Preferred securities, dividend payments, and share buybacks are just a few of the ways companies may increase shareholder value through income.

    The Nasdaq family of Dividend and Income Indexes are designed to capture income through a rules-based methodology offering investors an innovative, transparent investment option.

    Nasdaq Dividend & Income Indexes Overview

    Track Income-Generating Investments

    Track companies that continually increase shareholder value through dividends, buybacks, covered call payments and other diversified approaches for high yield.

    Rules-Based Methodology

    The Dividend and Income indexes have all been designed with rules-based methodologies for transparent and objective calculation.

    Equity Coverage for U.S. and Canada

    Nasdaq Income & Nasdaq Preferred families cover holding preferred shares for U.S. and Canadian companies.

    Nasdaq Dividend & Income Products

    The leading brand of indexes tracking companies with strong long-term dividend growth.

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    A group of indexes holding preferred shares for U.S. and Canadian companies

    A group of indexes holding preferred shares for U.S. and Canadian companies

    Focus on companies who provide dividends to their investors.

    Dividend paying companies for select indexes

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    Comprised of United States (US) securities issued by corporations that have effected a net reduction in shares outstanding of 5% or more in the trailing 12 month

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    Comprised of a select group of securities with at least ten consecutive years of increasing annual regular dividend payments

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