Investor Relations

Nasdaq IR Intelligence is the only suite of analytics and tools IR professionals need to achieve successful strategic outcomes and enhance shareholder value.

With the Nasdaq IR Intelligence suite, our clients use our time-saving tools to:

  • Gain visibility into what’s driving the global markets and investor activities
  • Better understand investor opportunities and risks
  • Define, refine, and prioritize investor outreach
  • Increase efficiency and time management
  • Create a more impactful IR program at your company

Nasdaq IR Solutions

Nasdaq IR Insight®

Maximize the value of your IR program with our multi-faceted platform built specifically for Investor Relations Teams

Key Features
  • Enhance investor and analyst enagement
  • Assess vulnerability to activist investors
  • Analyze your earnings

Equity Surveillance and Shareholder ID

Consultative expertise across different regions, sectors and market caps for institutional shareholder analysis

Key Features
  • Market analysis and competitive intelligence
  • Insights on institutional asset allocation
  • Proactive monitoring of shareholder activism

Investor Targeting

Leverage data & expertise to guide companies through different growth stages

Key Features
  • Evidence-based investor targeting
  • Capital allocation scenario analyses
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Advisory

Perception Studies

Understand how your company is perceived by your shareholders and the market

Key Features
  • Access to proprietary intelligence
  • Capital markets brand resonance
  • Actionable insights and recommendations

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