Institutional Distribution Intelligence

Competitive intelligence on peer rankings, positioning, trends and more


Competitive intelligence for long-only and hedge fund managers for peer rankings, product positioning, institutional trends analysis, database marketing and targeted prospecting, powered by eVestment


Acquired by Nasdaq in 2017, eVestment is widely cited as the most influential database in the institutional market. Almost 3500 managers worldwide rely on eVestment to market their institutional strategies and maintain visibility before asset owners and investment consultants in 40+ countries. Managers also leverage eVestment for a data-driven approach to raising institutional assets, from tracking differences in current v. target allocations to positioning their products favorably against competitors.


Key Benefits

Peer Rankings

Unmatched depth and breadth of institutional coverage gives managers the ability to rank their products against peers on performance, risk, portfolio characteristics and other data points.

Early Indicators of Asset Movement

The ability to triangulate flows with consultant research activity and asset allocation changes helps managers forecast where institutional assets are headed by asset class, geography or investor type

Competitive Advantage

Consultant ratings, underperforming managers, client rosters and other pre-structured and surfaced data gives managers the edge in consultant and investor targeting

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