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Nasdaq offers more than 40 years of experience in index research, creation and calculation services. Our power brand, exceptional customer service and flexible terms make us an ideal partner for developing and implementing a variety of investment strategies. Our index portfolio includes more than 30,000 indexes, including the flagship Nasdaq-100 Index. 
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Nasdaq Global Indexes provide comprehensive insight into the global markets and our unparalleled transparency, unique methodologies and full-service capabilities set us apart from other indexers. 

Whether you are a fund manager, asset manager, ETF Strategist or RIA, Nasdaq can be used to benchmark both active and passive strategies. Our indexes can be used to license: 


We are proud to partner with many of the most recognizable product sponsors around the globe, and embrace opportunities to work with smaller firms seeking to ignite new ambition.

In addition to exchange-traded products (ETPs), our indexes power more than 9,000 structured products around the world. And as a full-service indexer, we can help lead you through the process from Creation to Listing through Dissemination via Nasdaq Global Index Watch feed. In fact, based on trading volume, The Nasdaq Stock Market (Nasdaq) is the world’s largest exchange for exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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