Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance

accelerates corporate governance and sustainable business practices


Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance is a global information and research hub

We integrate expertise, insights, and technology to accelerate the understanding of corporate governance and sustainable business practices. We support boards, senior executives and governance professionals at public, private and nonprofit organizations

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O U R   M I S S I O N

The Governance Center seeks to serve as a resource for corporate leaders, investors, and stakeholders, offering the latest governance insights and actionable intelligence, thereby supporting the health of markets and economies worldwide.  

We find ourselves at a unique moment where strong corporate governance, environmental and social practices are an essential component to investor and stakeholder engagement...
...Given Nasdaq’s distinct place at the intersection of markets and the corporate experience, it’s incumbent upon us to help organizations navigate developments in corporate governance and sustainable business practices.
Nelson Griggs, President, Nasdaq Stock Exchange


Our Work


Enhancing governance practices with actionable and practical guidance


Offering data-rich insights on corporate governance and business sustainability


Accelerating innovation in governance through progressive technology

Our Insights

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