The State of Secondaries:

    In Conversation with Chris Areson, PJT Partners

    In our premiere episode of The State of Secondaries, Rory Mabin AVP, Head of Nasdaq Fund Secondaries is joined by Chris Areson, Managing Director in the Secondary Advisory Group at PJT Partners. PJT is an industry leader in the secondary advisory space, delivering solutions to clients seeking portfolio liquidity, unfunded commitment relief and investments in secondary interests.  

    The State of Secondaries seeks to educate viewers on the private fund secondaries market and how it continues to grow and evolve.

    Watch it here:

    Topics Covered

    (2:45) GP led transaction Statistics /Current state of GP-led transactions

    (4:00) What is a GP-led transaction and how does it differ from an LP-led?

    (5:45) What are the types of GP-led transaction structures?

    (8:55) What is the role of an advisor in a GP-led transaction?

    (11:36) Who are the typical buyers?

    (13:48) GP-Led market maturity

    (15:32) What are some of the key considerations around a GP-led process and why might a GP choose to pursue a transaction?

    (18:35) What factors determine whether a transaction is successful or not?

    (12:15) Recent trends in the GP-led secondary space

    (24:55) Predictions for the GP-led market in the near-term