CCP Risk Technology

yields cross-asset, real-time risk controls to safeguard CCPs and optimize their business.

This Solution Helps

  • Marketplaces
  • CCPs
  • Banks

Full risk coverage – from position keeping and collateral to dynamic limits and data aggregation.

Specifically designed to address the sophisticated risk management needs of today's CCPs and exchanges, Nasdaq’s CCP Risk provides the functionality required to measure and manage risk in both cash and derivatives instruments, helping to ensure that risk breaches and violations do not go undetected. The solution takes a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to risk, leveraging multiple safeguards to empower early identification and resolution of issues before they become critical. A single implementation of CCP Risk can serve multiple clients or aggregate risk across multiple CCPs.

Because CCP Risk operates on the dynamic Nasdaq Financial Framework infrastructure, CCPs can expect industry-leading throughput and performance coupled with the scalablity and reliability to keep CCPs successful and operational at all times.

Key Features of Nasdaq CCP Risk

By setting enterprise-wide limits, Nasdaq CCP Risk helps CCPs better manage their health and mitigate risk upfront by ensuring member activities meet pre-defined parameters without crossing risk thresholds. Additionally, risk checks cover cross-asset, cross-market analysis, ensuring a consistent, complete view of risk across the enterprise.              

  • Comprehensive risk and collateral management
  • Real-time position keeping and allocations
  • Robust functionality for setting static and dynamic limits, business rule definitions, automatic escalation
  • Root cause analysis for limit breaches
  • Plug-and-play risk models with ability to leverage proprietary models
  • Seamless integration to trading and clearing solutions, including Nasdaq-built, proprietary or third-party systems

Protect and Optimize your CCP with Nasdaq CCP Risk

Holistically identify risk across your enterprise

A holistic view supports simple and complex data aggregation, enabling risk management on an integrated basis enterprise-wide across millions of transactions in multiple markets, currencies and asset classes.

Improve transparency and uncover unidentified risks

Strong data visualizations intuitively emphasize key risk indicators so that critical information is fully visible from a single screen at all times.

Reduce excessive margin requirements and optimize use of capital

Leveraging a number of risk models in parallel, CCP Risk provides the clarity and confidence required to lower excessive margin requirements.

Respond quickly to market changes

Adaptable and flexible controls and infrastructure enable quick response to new market opportunities, crises or regulatory changes

Reduce operational complexity

Lower complexity, minimize risk in manual error-prone processes and reduce total cost of ownership using a single, real-time, multi-asset class solution.

Improve member communication

Transparency into risk calculations, tests and margins enable more productive conversations with clearing members.

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Seamless Integration via the Nasdaq Financial Framework

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