TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts Officially Unveiled, Featuring Notable Artists including Joker Xue, Zhou Shen and Tia Ray


SHENZHEN, China, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- TME Chart, one of the brand of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, officially released the TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts on January 23rd, featuring three main categories: General Chart, Uni Chart, and Wave Chart. A major overhaul characterized the 2023 Year-End Charts, sponsored by JD Supermarket, to present the TME Chart Year-End Chart special series. Singers such as Chen Zhuoxuan, Susan Huang and Mika were invited to receive the awards in person and gave exciting performances. This marks a novel approach to unveiling the 2023 annual overview of the Chinese music industry.

In the chapter of this year's TME Chart, tracks like Zhou Shen's 'Huakaiwangyou', Susan Huang & Curley Gao's 'Shi mama shi nver', Zhang Bichen's 'Long', Yisa Yu's 'Meet Yourself', Dao Lang's 'Luocha Haishi', and others secured positions in the Uni Chart Annual Top 10. Dao Lang's 'Luocha Haishi ', Zhang Bichen's 'Long', Li Ronghao's 'The Dark Plum Sauce', and Jay Chou's 'Christmas Star' earned spots in the Uni Chart 2023 Year-End High-Scoring Songs Top 10. Zhou Shen's 'Huakaiwangyou', and Yisa Yu's 'Meet Yourself' maintained a presence on the chart for all 52 weeks, emerging as the longest-running songs on the Uni Chart 2023.

The TME UNI Chart Annual Top 10

In the chapter of this year's TME Wave Chart, Leslie Cheung's 'My Dearest', Lowell Lo & Jonathan Lee's 'Shengming de Yuantou', Eason Chan's 'Lightly', A-Mei's 'Tristesse', Leah Dou's 'Monday', and others won positions in the Wave Chart Top 10 Songs with the highest overall scores. Additionally, during the 12 rounds of evaluation in 2023, Eason Chan had a total of 6 songs on the chart, including 'The Code' and 'Lightly', and Tia Ray had 5 songs on the chart, including 'River Flow' and 'How Did I Find You', earning them the distinction of being the male and female artists with the most songs featured on the Wave Chart.

The Wave Chart Top 10 Songs with the highest overall scores

Functioning as a benchmark for quality Chinese music creation, the TME Wave Chart has also expanded its focus to shed light on the heroes behind the scene. In the Year-End Wave Chart, various creative categories for lyricists, composers, and producers continue to highlight the individuals contributing to the industry. Tang Tian, Terence Lam and Howe Chen stood out by securing the titles for the most appearances as lyricist, composer and producer on the chart.

Furthermore, TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts combine the comprehensive results from both the Uni Chart and Wave Chart to select and present the Top 10 Songs and Top 10 Artists of the year. Featured tracks in the Top 10 Songs include 'Shi mama shi nver' by Susan Huang & Curley Gao, 'Luocha Haishi' by Dao Lang, 'Long' by Zhang Bichen, and 'Suzume' by Zhou Shen. The Top 10 Artists showcase prominent figures such as Zhou Shen, Zhang Bichen, Dao Lang, Joker Xue, and Tia Ray. With a blend of quality and widespread appeal, these songs and artists have won the hearts of millions of fans and received professional endorsements from songwriters and producers in Wave Music Committee.

The TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts Top 10 Songs


The TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts Top 10 Artists

A major highlight of the TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts was the unique presentation in the form of the special series, which attracted considerable attention from both the industry and the general public.

Live on stage, audiences were treated to the exceptional performances of not just rising Chinese stars like Chen Zhuoxuan, Rikimaru, Liu Yu, Luo Yizhou, Mika, Curley Gao, and Uno Santa, but also witnessed the outstanding stage acts of established vocalists including Susan Huang, Jess Lee and Yisa Yu.

TME Chart Year-End Chart special series

The TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts are a testament to the efforts and passion of every professional in the industry, capturing the comprehensive landscape of Chinese music in 2023.Songwriters, adept at balancing popularity and quality, continually demonstrate a sincere commitment to their profession, fostering an environment that encourages more musicians to produce top-notch musical works and drives the growth of the Chinese music industry.

The announcement of TME Chart 2023 Year-End Charts serves as a closing tune for the musical journey of the past year, and a prelude to a new chapter in the Chinese music for 2024. TME Chart will continue to stand witness to the creation of good music and capture the voice of the times in the Chinese music landscape.

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