SIS Software Factory Expands Professional Services Helping Wall Street Institutions to Stay Up to Speed with Their Trading Technology


Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - February 7, 2022) - SIS Software has announced an expansion of its consulting advisory services. The firm shall focus, as its niche, on the area of electronic trading.

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SIS Software Factory

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Ariel Silahian, the founder of SIS Software, said, "Customers are the blood and backbone of the business, and hence, reside at the peak of the priorities list." More often than not, customers tend to overlook companies, on the grounds, of credibility and outreach. SIS Software Factory comes to the fore to challenge the status quo by offering integrated trading solutions.

In this stead, SIS Software shall render the electronic trading services of high-frequency trading, low latency and arbitrage, support quantitative research and qualitative development. SIS Software shall also cater to various financial products such as Futures & Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, Foreign Exchange, Equities, Fixed Income and Derivatives. The company intends to impact the lives of others through ease and convenience. And electronic trading, specifically, shall be its primary focus.

Going ahead, SIS Software shall offer operations and customer service solutions through a slew of sophisticated technology and systems. The first is the order management system or OMS. SIS Software intends to build real-time order management systems and order blotters. In this, all the order activities and associated data shall get managed. What's more, SIS shall provide Smart Order Routing or SOR solutions. These shall help enhance the execution efficiency and help lower the market impact.

Yet another area of expertise resides with BackTesting. Here, SIS Software shall provide framework solutions to backtest the trading ideas in the market. From equities to foreign exchange to futures to derivatives, SIS shall provide a robust toolset to enable the research team to work efficiently.

At the crux of financial trading and advisory lies the pricing. Here, SIS Software is all set to put forth sophisticated price aggregators. Using these, it shall deliver high-performance price aggregation for the traders. SIS is also aggregating real-time quotes from multiple liquidity providers. This will help send orders to the concerned liquidity providers through the order router management system. The ultimate functionality shall be monitoring, merging quotes and managing multiple accounts simultaneously for providing all the relevant, required information in real-time.

After successfully providing custom-made software for the financial industry, specifically with electronic trading focussed on the low-latency aspects, SIS made yet another breakthrough. It began to test a unique type of service: Advisory and Consulting. The service is offered one-to-one. In this, SIS becomes part of the client's team and begins helping and advising them through the execution of the project. Ariel Silahian said: "At the beginning, the team was extremely surprised by the adoption of this kind of service. Soon, they began to realise its potential."

He went on to cite the factors behind the success of the service as: "Clients prefer keeping everything in-house and own the final product with no restrictions, our expertise helped them save development time by 50 per cent. In doing so, they could avoid common pitfalls, bad practices, and bad design. And these shall help prevent achieving the low-latencies and performance issues."

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Ariel Silahian

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Taking this forward, Ariel Silahian continued: "Traders need to be able to implement their decisions in split seconds. The markets are fluctuating at an incredibly high rate. The naked eye of us humans cannot keep track of them. Hence, the need for automation through the avenues of real-time price points and data."

SIS Software Factory offers and executes its services through three packages. At the basic, there is the standard package. Next is the startup package, and the final is the corporate package.

Here, SIS shall provide technical assessments to help set up the technology strategy and company objectives. And, finally, offer technical guidance. The next level is the Startup package, which includes all the services from the standard package. Apart from these, SIS shall provide a technical roadmap, define and apply best practices, and design clear procedures to have expected outcomes. What's more, the package includes strategy implementation, weekly meetings and follow-ups. Also, SIS is going to help handle vendor relationships and the hiring process. At the top level lies the Corporate Package. Here, SIS shall provide all the services from the startup package. They shall render business analysis and requirements gathering with daily meetings with the team utilising Agile methods.

Sophistication cannot happen without automation. In doing so, clients are getting DevOps operations such as cloud maintenance, deployment, testing and others from SIS through their next step.

About SIS Software Factory

SIS Software Factory is an advisory consulting firm that specialises in electronic trading. Be it senior leadership consultation or project-based executive expertise - SIS Software Factory advisors provide technology-centred leadership. This helps match business strategies with technology architectures. The company offers consulting and advisory services across modern-day technology solutions and service requirements. These include cloud hosting, Software as a Service (SaaS), software development, on-site and offshore team management.


Ariel Silahian

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