Tomorrow's Capital Podcast

Are we there yet? The journey through economic history is filled with stories from leaders and innovators who have attempted to answer that question. In our podcast, Tomorrow's Capital, we interview thought leaders, influencers, and industry titans who have made their unique mark on our current economic landscape and those who are reshaping the markets in the years to come.

Episode 5: Is Self-Programming Technology The Future?

October 23, 2018 — In this episode, Tom Fay, SVP of Nasdaq's Enterprise Architecture and System Engineering team talks with Balaji Prabhakar, VMware Founders Professor of Computer Science and a faculty member of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University during the 16th edition of Nasdaq's biannual Technology of the Future Conference. They discuss self-driving networks, clock synchronization, innovation, and the Cloud. Listen Now

Episode 4: Why Hasn't Silicon Valley Disrupted FinTech? It's Complicated

October 16, 2018 — Jesse McWaters of the World Economic Forum talks about how FinTech has disrupted the financial services industry in subtler ways than we had anticipated five years ago. For example, data will become not only a huge source of revenue for exchanges, but also an essential tool for training machine learning models. Listen Now

Episode 3: Mikko Hypponen Talks Cybersecurity

October 9, 2018 — In this episode of Tomorrow's Capital, we discuss the digitalization of crime, including the evolution and future of cybercrime and its impact on cryptocurriencies and blockchain-based financial instruments. Listen Now

Episode 2: What Are The Boundaries Between Our Minds And Machines?

October 2, 2018 — In this episode, Andy McAfee, Co-Director MIT's Initiative on the Digital Economy and Principal Researcher Scientist at MIT Sloane School of Management, explores human behavior and machine learning. Andy's research investigates how information technology can change the way companies organize, perform and compete. Listen Now

Episode 1: How The Hong Kong Exchange Is Using Machine Learning To Disrupt Capital Markets

Sept 25, 2018 — In this week's episode of #TomorrowsCapital, Richard Leung, CTO and Deputy CIO at HKEX, discusses how HKEX is using machine learning to disrupt capital markets, his advice for aspiring tech professionals, and how he views innovation and the future of the industry. Listen Now