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Nasdaq+ is a subscription service built to save users time and equip them with insights, data and trends to stay informed on all things markets. The personalized dashboard aggregates our market data in a simple, easy-to-use interface. This ad-reduced, full-site experience provides distraction-free access to the data they need to make more informed trading decisions. Nasdaq+ also includes weekly in-depth analysis from our Nasdaq economic research team, equipping subscribers with the insights to navigate today’s dynamic market


Yes, Nasdaq+ can be accessed on desktop and mobile web browsers. Currently, we only allow a subscriber to have one active session at a time. Nasdaq+ is only supported on web browsers. A mobile app is not available at this time.

As a Nasdaq+ subscriber, your watchlist preferences are used to personalize the ‘Your Feed’, ‘Your News’ and ‘Spotlight’ sections in your dashboard.

If you have an existing account before subscribing to Nasdaq+, the selected stocks in your watchlist will automatically populate your Nasdaq+ Dashboard. If you did not have an existing account before subscribing to Nasdaq+, a default watchlist will be used to populate the stock and news content on your dashboard.

To edit ‘Your Watchlist’, select the blue ‘My Quotes’ widget on the bottom right of the page and navigate to the tab labeled ‘Watchlist.’

As a Nasdaq+ subscriber, third party ads are suppressed site-wide; however, a subscriber may see limited ads on due to contractual obligations related to brand partnerships, affiliates and certain ad types.

You must be logged in to your Nasdaq+ account for the limited-ad experience

To access your Nasdaq+ Dashboard at any time, click the user icon on the top right of the page and in the dropdown menu click on Nasdaq+. This will bring you back to your Nasdaq+ Dashboard. 

If you are inactive for an extended period , you may be logged out of Nasdaq+ and will need to re-login to access your Nasdaq+ Dashboard.

Your Nasdaq+ subscription and payment details can be managed through our customer portal which is powered by Stripe software. To access, click on the user icon on the top right of the page and in the dropdown menu click on Account Preferences.  

On the Account Preferences page, scroll down to the section titled, ‘Manage your Nasdaq+ Subscription,’ and click on Manage Subscription. You will be taken to your customer portal where you can update your payment method, change billing information, view past receipts or cancel your subscription. 

You can contact the Nasdaq+ customer support team by emailing or calling our Nasdaq+ customer support line: +1 (212) 231-5050.