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We connect business, capital and ideas by empowering leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators with the insight and inspiration they need to advance in today’s global economy.

A Global Destination for Market Insight

We don't just report on the markets. We help shape them. 

Nasdaq is one of the most trusted destinations for real-time global market news and analysis — including real-time stock quotes, in-depth charting and deep market insight, analysis and inspiration.

Built on a Foundation of Trust


As a leading source for market insight, we help leaders navigate the transformative forces shaping the global economy.


We reach today's key decision makers, financial professionals and investors around the world.


Business and financial leaders rely on Nasdaq to stay informed on short- and long-term marketplace and economic trends.

Global Reach. Local Impact.

With our access to today's global business leaders and advanced targeting capabilities, we ensure that your content reaches the right audience. 

We reach today's key decision makers.

Audience Interests
Avid Investors Banking & Finance
Financial Professionals Investing
C-Suite Lifestyle & Hobbies
HNWIs Travel
ITDMs/BDMs News & Politics
Business Professionals Business

Our global audience is engaged, informed and loyal.

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640x480 VAST 3.0, VPAID 700-1500 kbps
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1500-2500 kbps
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Button Unit

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