Upcoming Splits

Company NameRatioPayableEx-DateAnnounced
Heico Corporation (HEI)5 : 46/27/20186/28/2018N/A
Summit Bank Or (SBKO)5 : 46/27/20186/28/2018N/A
Pacific Exploration & Production Corp (FECCF)2 : 1 6/27/2018N/A
Guangzhou Automobile Group Co. Ltd. ADR Repstg Shs H (GNZUY)7 : 56/25/20186/26/2018N/A
China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd ADR Repstg Cl H (CMAKY)6 : 58/10/20186/22/2018N/A
Arch Capital Group Ltd. (ACGL)3 : 16/20/20186/21/20185/9/2018
TMSR Holding Company Limited (TMSR)2 : 16/20/20186/21/2018N/A
Dollarama Inc (DLMAF)3 : 16/19/20186/20/2018N/A
Trex Company, Inc. (TREX)2 : 16/18/20186/19/2018N/A
First Farmers Financial Corp. (FFMR)2 : 16/15/20186/18/2018N/A
Horizon Bancorp, Inc. (HBNC)3 : 26/15/20186/18/2018N/A

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