Upcoming Splits

Company NameRatioPayableEx-DateAnnounced
Churchill Downs, Incorporated (CHDN)3 : 11/25/20191/28/201910/30/2018
Security National Financial Corporation (SNFCA)5.000%2/1/20191/10/2019N/A
Engie Brasil Energia SA ADR (Sponsored) (EGIEY)5 : 412/24/201812/26/2018N/A
Platinum Group Metals Ltd. (PLG)1 : 1012/17/201812/17/201812/17/2018
CR2 Empreendimentos Imobiliarios S.A. ADR (Sponsored) (CREIY)1 : 2012/13/201812/13/201812/13/2018
Malaga Financial Corp (MLGF)5.000%12/28/201812/13/2018N/A
Spirit Realty Capital, Inc. (SRC)1 : 512/13/201812/13/201812/13/2018
Kentucky Bancshares Inc (KTYB)2 : 112/10/201812/11/2018N/A
Rollins, Inc. (ROL)3 : 212/10/201812/11/2018N/A
Kentucky Bancshares Inc (KTYB)2 : 1 12/10/2018N/A

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AAPL 86% bullish of 3252 ratings Rate It

AMZN 84% bullish of 600 ratings Rate It

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BABA 80% bullish of 282 ratings Rate It

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INTC 84% bullish of 338 ratings Rate It

GOOG 93% bullish of 179 ratings Rate It

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