Stock Splits

Symbol Company Ratio Effective Date
LU Lufxax Holding Ltd 1:4 12/15/2023
MLGF Malaga Financial Corp 5% 12/29/2023
FLJ FLJ Group Limited 1:40 12/07/2023
MCOM Inc. 1:150 12/04/2023
LABU Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x Shares 1:20 12/04/2023
TMF Direxion Daily 20-Yr Treasure Bull 3x Shares 1:10 12/04/2023
MNRLF Mineral Mountain Resources Ltd. 1:10 12/01/2023
ENG ENGlobal Corporation 1:8 12/01/2023
CBSH Commerce Bankshares, Inc. 5% 12/19/2023
UK Ucommune International, Ltd 1:12 11/30/2023
PPLL Peoples Ltd 5% 12/15/2023
LQR LQR House Inc. 1:60 11/30/2023
LARK Landmark Bancorp Inc. 5% 12/15/2023
CING Cingulate Inc. 1:30 11/30/2023


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