The True Cost of a DACA Repeal

"Cruel", "wrong", "morally corrupt", these are only a few words used to describe Trump's vast array of mistakes, missteps and bad decisions, but they just don't cut it anymore.

Trump's decision to repeal DACA- Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, and to outline plans to deport 800,000 children and young adults if Congress can't save them in 6 months is beyond cruel; insidious seems to be a better term. Even his plan to possibly "revisit" the issue if Congress can't come up with a solution seems sinister. If he reverses his decision, he managed to scar almost one million people with a lack of basic human decency, but let's be real, we know what the real decision would be if it came down to that.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke from the podium yesterday to announce that the repeal , "Will further economically the lives of millions who are struggling.", with very little evidence or proof that that would be the case. But since those in power choose to invoke the bottom line over compassion, and would very much like to send children to foreign countries they don't call home, let's look at the bottom line for how the repeal of DACA (not the continued enforcement of) will effect our economic growth:

CEOs Lash Out Over Repeal

From the dissolution of his many business advisory groups to horrified reactions on Trump's remarks on Charlottesville, CEOs have reached out to the public with statements in opposition to the ruling of DACA as well. From Facebook to Apple and General Motors, many have stated that the DREAMers have worked hard, provide beneficial growth to the economy, and have suffered as the country punishes them for trying to do the right thing.

$280BN or $433BN

There are conflicting reports on just how much economic growth will be slowed if DACA is rescinded. One study from the CATO Institute said that the economy can lose up to $280BN in economic growth, with the cost of deporting 800,000 DREAMers totaling $60BN; the institute called these numbers "conservative".

Another report from the Center for American Progress calculated the loss of DACA workers would reduce the GDP by $433BN over 10 years. CNBC broke those losses down by state with California losing $11.3BN annually and Texas losing $6.1BN in GDP annually, both states have the highest population of DACA workers.

Those under the protection of DACA are students, business owners, employees, and just other Americans. They pay state and local taxes . They contribute to social security but aren't nearly old enough to receive its benefits, ( a lie that Sessions told during his speech) They are not criminals and they aren't destorying the fabric of our country. Their mere existence is a testament to what should be the fiber of American values. However those in power continue to use false economic danger and inflammatory rhetoric to tout racist and despicable acts; always know it's just a way for them to conceal their lack of decency and compassion, and never be fooled.


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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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