Shorter Duration Active Bonds For Higher Interest Rates

Shorter Duration Active Bonds For Higher Interest Rates

Active bond funds are essential for a well-diversified investment portfolio, providing income and cushioning against market downturns. In 2022, bonds demonstrated their resilience, with most fixed income categories performing better than the broader stock market. However, bond values are inversely related to interest rate changes, so with rates projected to rise, focusing on short- to intermediate-term bond ETFs is advisable. 


Active bond ETFs, such as Pimco’s Active Bond ETF (BOND), offer diversified exposure and professional management, helping investors navigate volatile markets. If you want to shorten the duration Pimco’s Enhanced Short Matruaity Active ESG ETF (EMNT) might provide a more robust alternative with ESG exposure. 


Despite higher costs, active management can be beneficial, especially in uncertain economic conditions, making these funds a strategic addition to long-term investment portfolios.

Finsum: Duration risk is especially important in this current climate and because interest rates could fall quickly in the next year depending on the Fed’s decisions.

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