Robert Kiyosaki Says the Rich Have a Giving Mindset — Here’s How You Get It

In a December 5th post on the Rich Dad blog, Robert Kiyosaki talks about the great power and wealth that comes from having a generous, giving mindset. Kiyosaki argues that if you want money, you need to also give money away — the two go hand-in-hand.

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The rich have figured this out. They understand the law of reciprocity, and they reap the rewards, both tangible and intangible. None of us becomes successful on our own, said Kiyosaki. We all have people who invest in us, teach us and help us grow. By adopting a generous spirit, we set the stage to receive more abundance, joy and fulfillment in our own lives.

Scrooge Represents a Poor Mindset, Not Wealth

Popular culture often depicts the wealthy as being miserly around the holidays — think Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol.” But Scrooge actually represents poverty, not wealth, argues Kiyosaki. Scrooge mistakes money for happiness, valuing possessions over people. This leads to a bitterness that permeates all areas of his life. 

“No one would argue that Scrooge is an admirable character,” said Kiyosaki. “In fact, he’s simply nasty. But the reality is that anyone can be a Scrooge, whether rich or poor. Scrooge is simply a poor mindset.”

You don’t have to be rich to be a Scrooge. You simply have to view giving as something that takes away from you rather than something that enriches you. Scrooge was wealthy in money but poor in spirit.

Giving Back is Powerful — Do It Generously

Rich Dad’s number one reason for wanting financial freedom is to be able to give back generously. Giving should be built into your monthly budget as a line item, not an afterthought. 

“We preach that giving back should be part of the way that you budget your money,” wrote Kiyosaki.

Rich Dad believed strongly in the universal law of reciprocity — what you give comes back to you. When young Robert was just starting out, Rich Dad invested in him, teaching him for free how money works. Robert then paid this forward by teaching others the same valuable lessons.

If You Want Money, You Must Give Money 

“Rich Dad said, ‘If you want a smile, the best way to get one is to give a smile,'” wrote Kiyosaki. “He also said, ‘If you want a punch in the mouth, the best way to get one is to give a punch in the mouth.'”

His point was that you truly do get what you give in this world. Therefore, if your goal is greater monetary abundance, you need to specifically give money. This trains your mind and spirit to be open to receiving money as well. It’s not enough just to give your talent and time — you must also give financially if you want financial returns.

The Joy and Health Benefits of Giving 

While giving can open the door to more mentorship, knowledge and investment opportunities, the real reward is the happiness it brings you intrinsically. Studies show that giving produces biochemical changes in the body that literally make you happier and less stressed. Generous people enjoy greater health benefits as a result.

“Given this, you’d think that people would be happier during the holidays,” wrote Kiyosaki. “But perhaps it’s because we don’t really want to give or be generous that we’re so stressed come the holiday times. And perhaps it’s time to really focus on the great gift we have each year to focus on being thankful and for giving back to those we love, including ourselves.”

When you give the right way, you receive the priceless gifts of joy and fulfillment. You become more present and attuned to loved ones during the holidays and everyday life. In Kiyosaki’s view, this is the greatest gift of all.

Pay Yourself First To Give Back More

Most people pay bills and expenses first, then give to charity with only leftover pennies. Kiyosaki advocates flipping this model on its head via the “pay yourself first” approach. Even if you’re poor, make paying yourself top budget priority each month. Then invest a portion of this money, and give a portion to charity. This ensures you can give on a regular basis despite fluctuating income. It also sets your mindset to receive bigger abundance. 

“Again, you get what you give,” wrote Kiyosaki. “Prioritizing investing and giving, strategically, ensures that you’ll get more money back.”

When negotiating monthly expenses, make paying yourself first non-negotiable. Find ways to lower or defer other bills if needed to make this happen. 

Give Time and Donations

Finally, defeat your inner Scrooge by giving to others. Clean out your closet for donations, serve at a shelter, volunteer time to a charity. After the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consider participating in #GivingTuesday.

“Giving Tuesday is focused on getting people to give to their favorite charities, and it’s a good antidote to a weekend where a lot of money is spent on things that will probably be forgotten in a year’s time,” wrote Kiyosaki.

Prioritize a Giving Mindset

There are unlimited ways to give back and unlock true richness in your life all year through. Ultimately, the more you grow into your best, most generous self, the more joy and fulfillment you’ll receive.

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