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Nasdaq Spotlight: Henrik Ruffel

Henrik Ruffel

At Nasdaq, we consistently aim to work with and uplift our colleagues with disabilities, their families and supporters. The Nasdaq Accessibility Network seeks to create and empower an inclusive community focused on the diverse needs of Nasdaq’s disabled colleagues. By fostering a supportive, informed and informative workplace community, we aim to provide networking opportunities, host programs and events, and promote policies that provide employees with resources to help them prosper in their professional and personal lives.

We recently spoke with Henrik Ruffel, a project manager at Nasdaq based out of Stockholm.

Talk to us about your role at Nasdaq and what you do in your day-to-day.

I have been working at Nasdaq for 22 years and most of the time in different project manager roles, which is interesting, challenging but also fun. I have a lot of contacts, both with the people in my projects and customers, which is a great mix.

Why did you choose to join Nasdaq Accessibility Program?

I hope to be able to share the knowledge I have gained by becoming blind. At the same time, I hope that by working as a project manager at Nasdaq, to show others that even if you are disabled, you can contribute to projects and Nasdaq.

Why is discussing disability in the workplace a critical topic? Why is it important in technology?

I believe that there are people with disabilities at many workplaces that don’t feel comfortable showing that they have a disability, and by being open with my disability, it can hopefully make people aware, and we can also help each other.

Could you share a memorable experience while being a part of the ERG?

We had a session with (leader on diversity and inclusion) Ruth Rathblott and some others earlier last year, and they shared their stories with us, which I think was a great session, and it gave me strength going forward.

What are your main goals within the employee resource group?

To share experiences and to create awareness for us here at Nasdaq.

How can other groups better be allies to accessibility groups like this one?

To continue to have joint sessions with other networks is a very good way. We have done this already, and I hope that we will continue doing that.

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