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Quantifying Impact Made Easy: Nasdaq OneReport and B Lab to Streamline ESG Reporting and Deliver Unified Data

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Over the past several years, investor interest in sustainability-related metrics and disclosures has surged as businesses are seeing the financial and ethical benefits of corporate sustainability. However, with the multitude of ESG frameworks available, corporate disclosures have not been standardized. To this end, B Lab Global and Nasdaq OneReport have teamed up to help companies streamline their processes and to best showcase their ESG efforts.

Nasdaq One Report's reporting software helps clients efficiently navigate and publish their ESG data to various stakeholders and has now integrated B Lab’s B Impact Assessment. To date, the B Impact Assessment has helped over 200,000 companies measure, manage and improve their positive impact performance and led to over 7,000 Certified B Corporations globally as leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy.

Nasdaq OneReport users can now view and access, in a single platform, B Lab’s B Impact Assessment alongside other third-party disclosure programs, accountability frameworks, standards and metrics.

For 10 years, Nasdaq OneReport has been supporting companies in navigating the ESG landscape by harmonizing multiple ESG frameworks and ratings, delivering unified and tailored ESG data to clients and other stakeholders.

B Lab joins three dozen other regulatory and voluntary ESG standards, raters, rankers and frameworks that have already been integrated into Nasdaq OneReport.

Adding B Corp Certification to the multitudes of credible impact management frameworks already on Nasdaq OneReport provides clients with more efficiency and choices in their ESG reporting.

Nasdaq’s clients can now take advantage of B Lab’s capabilities for a more seamless and efficient ESG reporting experience to meet the needs of their diverse stakeholders. We are excited to see how Nasdaq OneReport users will benefit from this new tool when conveying their ESG journey to clients and stakeholders, while attracting new investment to achieve individual company goals. Contact us to learn more.

*Nasdaq OneReport customers may not claim or represent that they are Certified B Corporations, that they have been certified or verified by B Lab, or that they are in any way affiliated with B Lab unless they have successfully completed the B Corp Certification process, including certification and verification by B Lab.

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