Jon Fisher Helped Shape the Digital World As We Know It: He Is Now Doing It Again

The world of tech is one dominated by visionaries and trailblazers as iconic as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg. However, there are others whose contributions are not widely recognized despite being profound. One such name is that of entrepreneur and visionary Jon Fisher, the Silicon Valley pioneer who first envisioned some of the technologies and digital tools we now take for granted.

Now serving as CEO of ViciNFT, a California-based startup developing carbon-neutral turnkey NFTs and tokens solutions, Fisher's impact on shaping the digital landscape started when he founded NetClerk. Launched at a time when no municipalities were even considering building an online presence, the company was the first entity to offer online construction permits. Today, all municipalities follow the path that Fisher paved, streamlining processes and embracing digital signature and authentication technologies introduced by his company, which is now part of Roper Technologies.

Fisher’s success with NetClerk was followed by that of Bharosa, the company that he co-founded and led in 2004 to help financial institutions combat online fraud and identity theft. The contextual authentication technology patented by the company came at a time when U.S. banks still relied on plastic tokens. This innovative approach to online security quickly caught the attention of technology giant Oracle, which acquired Bharosa only three years later and turned its product into the Oracle Adaptive Access Manager platform now used by thousands of banks across the world.

Jon Fisher

Jon Fisher

After decades of helping shape the digital world as we know it, Fisher is now focused on doing it again by harvesting one of the most promising technologies of our time: blockchain. As co-founder and CEO of ViciNFT, he is applying his expertise to developing innovative and more effective authentication technologies through NFTs, bringing them to mainstream platforms like Zoom.

ViciNFT, whose token (VCNT) is about to begin trading on secondary markets, is looking to do for communities, creators, and enterprises what Bharosa and NetClerk did for the financial and construction industries decades ago. By offering an efficient, secure, and environmentally responsible ecosystem built around blockchain and digital assets, ViciNFT could revolutionize how people interact with digital content and authenticate enterprise processes.

Over the past two years, ViciNFT has collaborated with notable names like Kathie Lee GiffordMichelle Phillips, San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay, and Sam’s Anchor Cafe, all while donating to charity in the process. With Fisher at the helm, ViciNFT's future is sure to be one worth watching, especially when considering the profound significance the technology is likely to have over the next few years.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.