I Work at Walmart: Here Are 8 Insider Secrets You Should Know

A nine-year veteran employee in Walmart’s shipping department recently agreed to anonymously unveil the clever tips, tricks and intel learned from their nearly two decades of navigating store operations behind the scenes to help you save money.

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From savings hacks to shopping efficiency guidance, we break down the insider knowledge this staffer believes all customers should wield when entering those familiar sliding glass doors.

1. Clearance Aisle Timing

According to our covert warehouse worker, the clearance aisle hosts secret weekly sales awaiting those in the know.

“Serious deals emerge every Tuesday when those aisles transform into hidden bargain goldmines,” they revealed. “Keep an eye out for yellow stickers ending in ‘5’ or ‘0’ marking deepest discounts. It’s like a special savings event happens weekly if you just know when and where to look.”

They recommend regular clearance aisle checks during the Tuesday inventory changeover routines to access the freshest price cuts on clothing, home goods and more.

2. Stack Savvy Mobile App Coupons

To go beyond in-store price-slashing, use Walmart’s official app, which allows creating personalized discounts.

“The Walmart app is a goldmine for savvy shoppers,” our insider said. “Activate push notifications there for clearance events, flash sales and exclusive mobile coupons.” They noted that app-exclusive deals sometimes exceed in-store pricing, making the tool valuable beyond just organizational convenience.

“It’s your ticket to deals and discounts right in your pocket.”

3. Price Match Locally (Or Even With Amazon)

For shoppers frustrated when discovering deals on items they’ve just bought, our insider reminded us that not all hope is lost thanks to Walmart’s generally little-known price match policy.

“Walmart’s price matching can be a secret weapon,” they said. “Just show proof of the same in-stock product priced lower at a local brick-and-mortar competitor and they’ll adjust your previous charge.”

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Best of all? That generous policy extends even to online mega-retailer foes like Amazon.

“It’s easy savings — just takes asking.”

4. Use Scan-&-Go For Faster Checkout

When checkout lines snake across the front of stores, our helper provides time-saving workarounds well worth trying.

“Skip the checkout lanes when possible with Scan & Go in the Walmart app,” they said. “Shoppers can scan items directly in their carts using phones as they shop. Then breeze straight through the exit when finished grabbing goods rather than waiting to check out.”

They recommend the built-in mobile checkout method for minimizing hassle, especially on busier shopping days when avoiding crowds is a must.  

5. Carefully Vet “Rollback” Discounts

Seeing those bright yellow “Rollback” signs scattered abundantly across Walmart’s shelves understandably clues shoppers into slashed prices.

However, our incognito Walmart veteran reminded us that these savings should still be scrutinized rather than blindly trusted.

“Not all Rollbacks are created equal,” they cautioned. “Make sure to still compare supposed sale prices against previous pricing and competitor retailers to ensure you’re actually getting the best deal.” 

6. Shop During Off-Peak Hours

For maximizing efficiency while navigating stores and perhaps your sanity, our insider strongly prescribes planning Walmart runs to avoid peak shopping hours on evenings and weekends.

“Want to shop in peace? Avoid weekends and evenings–the store is much calmer then,” said our source.

They specifically advised mornings as the best shopping time–there are fewer families and night owls, so you can take as much time as you want browsing and using self-checkout for smaller purchases.

“It’s incredibly smooth shopping once the after-work rush clears.”

7. Don’t Fear Asking For Help

Despite its big-box scale, our staffer reminded us that Walmart still employs plenty of floor staff ready to provide customer assistance.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it,” they stressed. “Friendly Walmart employees can point you towards items, answer product questions and even provide recommendations.”

So leverage these helpful associates whenever you see them. They’re there to shape shopper experiences for the better throughout the store. 

8. Link Loyalty Account Scoring Cash Back 

Finally, our Walmart pro shared their favorite hidden loyalty perk which is most often overlooked.

“Download the Ibotta app, link your Walmart rewards account, and automatically earn cash back on eligible purchases,” they said. “It’s an extra little rebate that keeps adding up when items you already buy trigger bonuses.”

So organize receipts digitally through Ibotta while paying a bit less every shopping trip through accumulating cash rewards.  

Remember that these valuable tips come from the insider knowledge of an employee who has been wearing the iconic blue vest for quite a while. Take advantage of their experience to earn yourself some savings.

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