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How to Prepare For a Virtual Interview: Pro Tips from Nasdaq Talent Acquisition Experts

How to Prepare For a Virtual Interview: Pro Tips from Nasdaq Talent Acquisition Experts

Kat Ferreira, Recruiting Specialist

Kat Ferreira, Recruiting Specialist

Justina Druckute, Recruiting Specialist

Justina Druckute, Recruiting Specialist

Holly Palan, Talent Acquisition Sourcing Analyst

Holly Palan, Talent Acquisition Sourcing Analyst

Our top priority is the health and safety of our existing and future employees. As the COVID-19 coronavirus evolves into a global health concern, we have asked all employees across the globe to work from home until further notice. This means all in-person interviews with future employees are replaced with video interviews via Zoom.

To help you to prepare, our People@Nasdaq Talent Acquisition team offers advice on best practices as you prepare for a remote application process.   

Pro Tip #1: Prepare to be seen in the video

Prepare for the interview as you normally would for an in-person interview. Both you and your future manager will be meeting from home; nevertheless, basic etiquette still applies.  Try to look presentable: you are still making an impression, just over video. Personal presentation is as important as if you were attending a face-to-face interview. Leave “home slob” for off-camera moments.

Pro Tip #2: Set up the scene

Along with looking presentable, try to find a space where you feel comfortable showcasing your skills, expertise and personality without distractions. Good light, ability to share your screen, take some notes, hear given questions and avoid interruptions when you are speaking. Please note that managers understand the struggle of being home with children or pets and any interruption will be followed with a smile. However limiting any distractions will only help you be at your best.

Pro Tip #3: Test technology and get familiar with Zoom (or other related tools)

Check your internet connection/phone reception ahead of schedule in case you need to reach out to someone for assistance. You are free to do this check as soon as you get the link to the interview, this will allow you to reach out to the organizer in case something is not working correctly.   

We use Zoom, which allows you to connect via computer, tablet, or phone.

Pro Tip #4: Be a friendly guest  

You will likely have a chance to virtually meet your future manager from your home. This is just as unusual for you as your manager. This will require you both to relax and be open-minded: a joke about your pet in the background or a child playing nearby is a great conversation point and not a point of concern. That said, please try to limit distractions and interruptions.

Pro Tip #5: Focus on communication 

Many hiring managers are curious to see candidates’ flexibility and adaptability during a challenging period, and this is your chance to shine.

Managers and recruiters are paying attention to communication skills and how candidates can handle themselves in a different type of interview. Focusing on how you speak and what you articulate is as important to the person interviewing you. You also need to make sure you are able to understand them, both from a career perspective and from a simple communication perspective. So feel comfortable asking questions, or asking them to repeat themselves if you didn't hear clearly.

Pro Tip #6: Be patient

Please be patient! We are all new to this unique situation, we are trying our best to ensure all interviews happen without delay and that we get back to you within 24-48 hours with feedback. There may be delays or rescheduling of interviews as we all adjust to working from home, but do know we are just as excited to speak with you as you are with us.

We are looking forward to continuing to recruit the future top talent for the #NasdaqFam during this unique period and want to ensure that you are prepared and ready for your interview, and please don’t stress unnecessarily about your virtual interview. Approach this as a conversation between two professionals with the same purpose of understanding the role and identifying your next career opportunity, and for Nasdaq the top talent of the future.

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Justina (Vilnius) with Hiring Manager Kristoffer (Stockholm)

Justina (Vilnius) with Hiring Manager Kristoffer (Stockholm) discussing ongoing recruitment for a Network Engineer

Kat's work-from-home desk

Kat (Philadelphia) set up her office to make sure she is ready to interview and assess the great future talent for Nasdaq.

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