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Helping Younger Generations Put Their Wealth to Work for a Better World

A staggering $84 trillion will be passed to younger generations over the next 20 years.

As Baby Boomers transition this wealth to their heirs, it’s no secret that RIA firms need to adapt their practices to attract and retain younger clients.

Millennials are likely to inherit a significant portion of the wealth yet to be transferred, not to mention they’re also reaching their peak earning years, with earning power expected to increase by nearly 75% over the next few years.

This generation takes a strikingly different approach to money from their parents. Understanding how millennial financial and philanthropic interests differ from those of older generations is critical in order to form enduring multi-generational relationships.

Millennials seek a positive impact on the world.

Despite facing greater debt and the impact of economic recessions, younger generations are looking to make a positive impact on the world. In fact, according to a Fidelity Charitable survey, millennial entrepreneurs donate a median of $13,654 and spend nine hours per month volunteering versus $6,192 and six hours per month for Baby Boomers.

Three-quarters of millennials donated to their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, highest rate among any of the generations, according to a Consumer Payment Behaviors report from payments app Zelle.

Plus, a recent Morgan Stanley survey of active individual investors found that 99% of millennials are interested in sustainable investing.

Advisors have the opportunity to take advantage of these propensities by leading the charge to make philanthropy more accessible to younger generations. By incorporating giving into the client relationship, advisors can attract and retain altruistic millennial clients.

Advisors may do so by consulting on the unique tax advantages of donor advised funds (DAFs), advising on the contribution amounts that make the most sense for each financial plan, and aligning their charitable assets with their values through thematic portfolios. Digital DAFs may allow for families to start planning together, providing advisors with a valuable introduction to younger family members.

Digital solutions make DAFs scalable.

By aligning these goals, advisors can tap into an ever-growing market and empower clients to make an impact. Particularly in anticipation of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer, it's increasingly important for firms to empower younger clients with philanthropic solutions to meet their purpose-driven motivations.

Luckily, technology makes it easier than ever to administer charitable services. Digital giving platforms may provide a streamlined, cost-effective solution so that firms of all sizes can offer philanthropic planning services. With firms making the same management fees on DAF assets as they do with other accounts, why not incorporate charitable giving into your practice to deepen relationships and gain a broader share of wallet?

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