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Harnessing the Power of the Cloud: Bloomberg’s CIO Exchange

At Bloomberg’s third annual CIO Exchange, executives from private and public technology firms explored the consolidation, collaboration and optimization of the cloud.

At Bloomberg’s third annual CIO Exchange, executives from private and public technology firms explored the consolidation, collaboration and optimization of the cloud.

Hosted at Nasdaq MarketSite, the CIO Exchange addressed key themes to help CIOs prepare for the disruption in computing, offering panels on artificial intelligence and automation as well as big data’s move to real-time. Speakers included Greg Goff, CTO of Uptake, Sylvie Veilleux, CIO of Dropbox, Beniot Dageville, president of products at Snowflake, Alexis Lê-Quôc, CTO of Datadog. Nasdaq Chief Information and Technology Officer Brad Peterson was also featured in a fireside chat.

“The most modern infrastructure can be found in the cloud,” Brad Peterson, Nasdaq’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, said during the event.

“It opens up this notion of protective collaboration,” Peterson continued. “The cloud creates this neutral and natural place for data to meet, and we use it to do things like cross-company, cross-party risk calculation.”

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As cloud computing services evolve, especially amid continued integration between cloud data and artificial intelligence, it is critical for CIOs to understand the full extent of this shift and how it can transform entire industries, from health care and finance to gaming and automated driving. A swift consolidation in the space is already taking place, considering IBM’s landmark $34 billion purchase of Red Hat, Salesforce’s $15 billion acquisition of Tableau and Google’s $2.6 billion purchase of Looker, to name a few. Cloud companies are increasingly attractive acquisition targets because many also provide analytics, making them a one-stop-shop for running infrastructure, generating reports and analyzing data. 

“The ability to rapidly turn all distributed data into insight using diverse visualization, analytics and AI methods will define tomorrow’s leaders,” Dan Vesset, group vice president of Analytics and Information Management Research at International Data Corporation (IDC), said of the Salesforce acquisition. 

Neha Narkhede, co-founder and chief technology officer at Confluent, has seen first-hand how companies are flocking to this technology.

“We created Apache Kafka – something that allows every company to get access to data and make decisions in real-time,” Narkhede said of her time at LinkedIn. “We open sourced it, and we were right. Companies in the Valley started to re-architect around it.”

Meanwhile, Snowflake is revolutionizing the data warehouse solution by having software that is capable of addressing the scale of the cloud, which is infinite, according to CEO Frank Slootman.

“It’s really opening up the possibility for institutions and enterprises to process as much data as fast as they are capable of using the capacity that is out there,” said Slootman. “We’ve seen customers go 10x in terms of the amount of processing that they are doing in a very short period of time.”

“I think we will look back in time and think about why we ever hesitated to put data in the cloud,” said Greg Goff, Chief Technology Officer at Uptake.

Nasdaq was a sponsor of the event.

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