Investor Relations

Harnessing Data to Elevate Your Investor Targeting Program

Targeting has always ranked high on IROs’ lists of priorities, and yet efforts to arrange non-deal roadshows and meet with investors have sometimes been scattershot. This is in part due to the vast number of prospective portfolio managers and funds, but also because of the endless considerations that can go into defining and identifying the best strategy and targets.

With increased accessibility to data, targeting can now be far more sophisticated and analytical. By leveraging advanced tools and analysis, IROs can pinpoint the proper investment funds to meet – and even the right individuals within those firms for maximizing buying potential.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions is using its comprehensive suite of platform solutions, data analytics and advisory services to help IROs make savvy decisions about how to plan roadshows, determine which meetings merit C-suite attention and understand how changes in a company’s story or in the broader market might signal that it’s time to revisit the company’s overall IR program.

Download our white paper to learn:

• Trends in targeting and how they might influence your investor relations program

• The key elements of a sophisticated targeting program: reach, alignment and outcome

• How big data, analytics and new platforms are enabling IR departments to finely tune their outreach

• Meeting analytics, and how carefully monitoring the outcome of investor interactions might inform a smarter targeting strategy

• Ideas for honing a company’s story in light of demonstrated investor interest

• New thinking on how fundamental changes in strategy or investment outlook might lead to a realignment of one’s targeting peer group and prospective investors.

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