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Graffiti and Financial Services?

The key is inspiration and passion. You can have skill or talent but if you are not passionate enough to try something new or charge out on a path less traveled, you may never reach heights you aim for.

One of my favorite conversations to date on the podcast was with Detroit Graffiti artist Fell3000FT. We talk about stumbling into a passion, we talk taking risks and inspiring youth.

Fel3000ft started doing graffiti/street art in 1982, as immersed himself in hip-hop culture. After many years of painting in Detroit, he realized the importance of his voice artistically and felt he could do something positive with that voice. He writes his thoughts and passion for the people and the communities next to the art pieces Fel300ft paints on the walls as a positive word. His need to fight for the things that he believes in, the community he lives in, and his friends, neighbors, and families are put at the forefront of all of his work.

Fel has done some of the most notable pieces in Detroit and tours the globe speaking, participating in art shows and doing custom art for some amazing institutions.

Everyone hits a point in their career or life when they have doubts if they are on the right path or maybe they are looking for a change. In this episode you will get to here the path that lead to an amazing career derived from an unlikely source.

Turning Passion Into A Lifelong Portfolio with FEL3000ft (Ep. 56) | Be Advised – Leading with Value (

Have you ever thought about making your greatest passion your career?

FEL3000ft has taken a loving passion of his and has turned it into a successful career that allows him to express himself and give back to his community in several ways.

After trying to jazz up the decor around his house, Brad Swineheart found his way to FEL3000ft, an original graffiti artist based out of Detroit who has been known for turning some magnificent buildings into pieces of art over the years.

This week, FEL3000ft unveils everything you need to know about his career path as a graffiti artist. He highlights how invigorating it is to love what you do every day, just like many of the advisors listening today.

Fel discusses:

  • Some of the projects he has worked on
  • Hip-hop as an inspiration for the theme of his projects
  • Outreach programs as a way of giving back to his community
  • His approach to inspiring youth
  • What you should know about ‘staying hungry’
  • And more!

Passion for art can be a powerful driving force that can inspire and motivate individuals to pursue a career in a related field. Whether it be graffiti, painting, sculpture, or any other form of art, the love and dedication that artists have for their craft can teach us important lessons about the pursuit of a career.

One of the key takeaways from talking to a graffiti artist is the importance of finding your own style and voice. In the world of art, there are countless styles and techniques that one can adopt. However, it is the unique voice of the artist that truly sets them apart from the rest. Similarly, in pursuing a career, it is important to find a field or industry that aligns with your values and interests. Once you have found your niche, it is then up to you to develop your own style and approach to stand out in a crowded market.

Another lesson that can be learned from talking to a graffiti artist is the importance of practice and persistence. Graffiti artists often spend countless hours honing their skills and perfecting their craft. This level of dedication and discipline is crucial in any career. Whether you are starting out as an intern or working your way up the ladder, it is important to put in the time and effort required to excel in your chosen field.

A third lesson that can be taken from the world of graffiti is the importance of community and collaboration. Graffiti artists often work together in crews to create large-scale pieces or collaborate on projects. In the same way, pursuing a career often requires building relationships and working with others to achieve shared goals. Networking, mentorship, and collaboration are all important components of building a successful career.

Finally, talking to a graffiti artist can remind us of the importance of following our passions and pursuing our dreams. Many artists face challenges and obstacles in their careers, but their love and dedication for their craft keeps them going. Similarly, pursuing a career requires taking risks and facing challenges along the way. However, staying true to your passions and purpose can give you the strength and resilience needed to overcome those obstacles.

In conclusion, the passion that drives artists can teach us valuable lessons about pursuing a career. Finding your own voice, practicing discipline, building relationships, and following your dreams are all important components of building a successful career in any field.

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