The Future of GRC: User Centered Design

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In the introduction of this GRC article series, I explained how our GRC platform’s main focus was feature/functions to get as large a foot-print as possible in the GRC market with a wide variety of solutions using these core capabilities. Read the blog post: Technology behind the Scenes.

Although this has greatly helped us, it has also resulted in a dated User Interface (UI) and ‘look & feel’, which we now refer to as our ‘Classic UI’. Fortunately we have a seriously rocking User Experience team that has worked endlessly in the past 2 years to get it into better shape applying User-centered design. But what does it mean, ‘User-centered design’? We have defined this as ”a framework of processes in which usability goals, user characteristics, environment, tasks and workflow of a product, service or process are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process”.

In practice, this means that we design the solutions with usability being one of the key criteria for the overall design. We have focused on reducing the amount of clicks, created logical screens and used a consistent design for solutions we offer to the market.

One of the most interesting concepts is the ‘solution based approach’, providing a user with a specific view of the data based on the user-profile and intended use of the application. For example, if a Risk Manager is logging in, only the risk management data and specific risk management screens will be shown (and nothing more). If an Information Security Manager is logging in, the InfoSec data and screens will be displayed. The beauty of the concept lies in the fact that the solutions still makes use of one database and object structure, so reusing and aggregating data across solutions remains possible. As a conclusion, the solution based design is significantly enhancing the user experience without compromising on integrated GRC concepts.

The result is that our BWise 5.0 Platform , which was released at the beginning of this year, has received a warm welcome from those customers that have already upgraded, and we’ve got a lot of compliments from analysts in the market. If you’d like to see it in action, make sure to view the recorded webinars on our website.

This ‘Modern UI’ will be the basis for any future extensions to our platform and is entirely based on re-usable components. I’ll publish a separate article on this concept and how you can use it! For more information visit or contact us.

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