Faces of Entrepreneurship: Greg D'Alesandre

"The main thing that stopped me from starting a business for a long time was fear of the unknown. How’s it going to turn out? What’s going to happen? What money am I going to live off? My solution to that was working in other jobs to save that money to mitigate that risk. I think what often ends up happening to people though is that they end up getting stuck in those jobs. You get to a lifestyle that you get accustomed to and ‘there’s all this new stuff that I don’t know’. Everyone’s got a great capacity to learn. So, just try something new and see what you learn. Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail forward.”-- Greg D'Alesandre, Photo: @rawbeez

Greg D'Alesandre,Chocolate Sourcerer for Dandelion Chocolate

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