Experts Warn About Apple's Fragile Privacy Settings

(RTTNews) - Researchers from Aalto University, Finland found that default apps on Apple's (AAPL) devices - iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, pry on personal data of users even if they are disabled in privacy settings, according to a report by South West News Service.

Earlier, many studies have shown that the third-party apps invade user's privacy, but this is the first study to investigate the fragile privacy protection in default apps.

During the research, experts analyzed the tech giant's eight apps - Safari, Siri, Family Sharing, iMessage, FaceTime, Location Services, Find My and Touch ID, to reach at a conclusion that privacy on Apple devices is "virtually impossible".

"We focused on apps that are an integral part of the platform and ecosystem. These apps are glued to the platform, and getting rid of them is virtually impossible," Janne Lindqvist, head of the computer science department at Aalto, said in a statement.

"Due to the way the user interface is designed, users don't know what is going on," Lindqvist elaborated. "For example, the user is given the option to enable or not enable Siri, Apple's virtual assistant. But enabling only refers to whether you use Siri's voice control. Siri collects data in the background from other apps you use, regardless of your choice, unless you understand how to go into the settings and specifically change that."

Earlier, a report by News.com.au found that the 'Discoverable by Others' option under the 'Journaling Suggestions' tab of the iPhone's privacy and security, was automatically enabled after the updation of the latest Apple iOS 17.2 software, invading user's personal data such as, music, photos, texts and locations.

However, experts advised customers to turn off the 'Discoverable by Others' feature, if they do not wish to share their information.

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