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By Rebecca Corvino :

As a nod to the recent holiday weekend, I'm giving contributors (and myself) a break and departing from the question-and-response format of the Digest this week in favor of shining a spotlight on our D&I Marketplace authors. According to the Marketplace FAQ, "Marketplace offers you the chance to get exclusive content from individual authors that complement those authors' free articles. If there's a particular marketplace author (or several) whose investing style or service suits you, you would likely benefit from their Marketplace service."

Former D&I editor Robyn Conti (who many of you know and love) not too long ago returned to Seeking Alpha as part of our Marketplace team. As Marketplace's contributor success strategist, she focuses on helping Marketplace authors market their content and build even more successful services. She was kind enough to put together a list of our D&I Marketplacers for me, which I'll share with you below.

In particular, I wanted to highlight some of our newest D&I-related Marketplace services.

The Dividend Guy's Dividend Growth Rocks is our newest addition; it launched just a couple of weeks ago. In his article introducing the series, DG wrote:

The market is trading at an all-time high; many investors like you are hesitant to invest more money at the moment. I like to do things differently. In September, I'll invest $108,000 in the stock market and build a whole new portfolio. I will focus on dividend growth. Do you want to follow how I do it?

Financially Free Investor launched High Income DIY Portfolios in July. According to that service's launch article:

Put simply, this new service will just be an extension of the work I already do and write about on Seeking Alpha. Besides the free content that I publish here, I will be providing real-time access to my model portfolios, real-time buy/sell alerts (mostly during the first week of every month), and general guidance on portfolio management and asset allocation. Subscribers will also get access to my Portfolio-Trackers with a great many features and flexibility to make their own changes. I believe in putting my money where my mouth is! So, I am invested in similar portfolios. However, for the sake of flexibility and privacy, I publish the model portfolios.

Another valuable recent addition to Marketplace was Sure Dividend's Undervalued Aristocrats service. "The underlying investment philosophy behind Undervalued Aristocrats is that high quality dividend growth stocks purchased at fair or better prices and held for the long run will produce superior returns," wrote Sure Dividend in the introductory article for the new service. In a recent roundtable interview, SD added:

By limiting our universe to just the Dividend Aristocrats, we can reduce the chance of making costly investing mistakes. Yes, there will be opportunities outside of this universe, but by focusing on only the highest quality stocks, it helps us to minimize mistakes.Not all Dividend Aristocrats make good investments all of the time. Valuation matters. The idea behind Undervalued Aristocrats is to invest only in Dividend Aristocrats when they are undervalued relative to their own historical averages .

Arturo Neto, CFA, launched Heard On The REITs (formerly known as Income & Growth Strategies) in June as well. He says his service is "ideal for any investor that wants to be active in managing their own portfolio or be heavily involved in ongoing dialog with their advisor on how to best position their portfolio," and he wrote in his intro article :

Besides providing members with a portfolio generating a robust and growing level of income , I also wanted to provide guidance on how to position member's portfolios to best take advantage of opportunities, as well as how to protect their nest egg from undesirable risks. That is why what the Income and Growth Strategies offers is more than just a model portfolio or a list of attractive stocks - it is a service that guides investors through the minefield of investments to increase the probability of reaching their investment goals without taking on undue risks.

Another June launch was Nicholas Marshi's BDC Reporter Daily News in June as well. In a Marketplace roundtable discussion, Marshi described his BDC news-tracking process:

So, to be clear, I do like to be up before the dawn and work until after the close. I'm assuming I was a farmer in an earlier life because I'm usually up by 5 a.m. Pacific Time. However, when the markets are open, I'm not watching the price action on the screen like a trader. Neither I, nor most Seeking Alpha readers, can

Finally, Kirk Spano's Margin Of Safety Investing was also born in June. According to Kirk, Margin Of Safety Investing "replicates the methods I have used to become "The World's Next Great Investing Columnist" at MarketWatch and one of the top ranked analysts published. My goals are to help you take advantage of the massive opportunities that a changing world represents, while building a margin of safety into every investment idea." He wrote in the launch article for the service:

As I am imperfect and it seems the world is changing faster each year, having a margin of safety on everything I do is a comfort that gives me the confidence to invest in my analysis.

The complete list of D&I-focused Marketplace services, in no particular order, is below. I encourage you to check out any of the services that sound interesting to you for more info. Many of them offer free trials.

In the comments, please chime in about your personal experiences with Marketplace. Also, I'm curious to know: Which of our D&I authors aren't on this list but should be? Who are you hoping will create a Marketplace service down the road?

Rida Morwa,High Dividend Opportunities : Dedicated to bring you the most profitable and newest high-dividend ideas (7-9% overall target Yield)

Alpha Gen Capital, Yield Hunting: Alt Inc Opps: Low-risk income investing using CEF model portfolios, smallcap equity boosters, BDCs, and more!

Colorado Wealth Management Fund, The Mortgage REIT Forum: Finding sustainable high-dividend yields 7%-12% and actionable trades.

George Schneider,Retire 1 Dividend At A Time : A common sense, value-oriented approach to uncommonly high dividend growth and income for retirement.

Richard Lejeune,Panick High Yield Report : Daily high yield preferred stock alerts including mispriced smaller issues with no Wall St. coverage.

Brad Thomas,REIT Beat : REIT expert Brad Thomas provides weekly insight into over 100 publicly-traded REITs.

The Fortune Teller, The Wheel of FORTUNE: Fixed-Income Global Absolute Return Opportunities ("FIGARO") through a macro, top-down, approach.

BDC Buzz,Sustainable Dividends : Sustainable portfolio yields ranging between 8% and 12%.

Downtown Investment Advisory, High Yield Bond Investor : Three High Yield Bond or similar picks per month for the buy-and-hold income investor.

Bill Stoller, REITs 4 Alpha: High-Yield | DGI | Technology : Researching real estate and technology, profiting from trends in cloud computing, e-commerce, wireless data growth.

Richard Berger,Engineered Income Investing : Value Investing using reliable dividends, engineered with covered option writing targets 10-15% yield.

Stanford Chemist,Cambridge Income Laboratory : Income and arbitrage strategies to enhance your ETF/CEF portfolio.

Blue Harbinger, The Value And Income Forum: Value-focused and high-income-producing. REITs, BDCs, MLPs, CEFs, value stocks, bonds, options, attractive-yields and capital appreciation.

Fred Piard, Quantitative Risk & Value: Exclusive market risk indicator, hedging and ETF strategies, lists of value and dividend stocks .

Fredrik Arnold,The Dividend Dog Catcher : Simple, straight forward analysis to help dividend investors choose money making stocks.

Nicholas Marshi, BDC Reporter Daily News : Business Development Company news, commentary and analysis brought to you daily.

Donald van Deventer,Corporate Bond Investor : A daily "best value" ranking and weekly commentary on the most heavily traded corporate bonds.

Dividend Stream,Streaming Income : Building income with reasonably priced dividend stocks.

Canadian Dividend Growth Investor, DGI Across North America : Value investing in high quality U.S. and Canadian dividend stocks. Access my portfolio and watch lists.

Arturo Neto, CFA, Heard On The REITs : High-quality, value-add, customizable REIT research.

David J. Waldron, Main Street Value Investor : Build wealth with lower costs and less risk.

Financially Free Investor, High Income DIY Portfolios : High-income, lower-risk portfolios using portfolio management and asset allocation, suited for income-seeking investors including Retirees.

Sure Dividend,Undervalued Aristocrats : Get actionable buy and sell decisions to invest in undervalued Dividend Aristocrats.

Kirk Spano,Margin of Safety Investing: Growth and dividend income investing in a changing world with a margin of safety.

The Dividend Guy, Dividend Growth Rocks: Focus on stocks doubling their payouts within 10 years with the Dividend Growth Rocks portfolio.

Parsimony Investment Research, The Triple Income Formula : The Triple Income Formula will help you generate consistent income in any market environment.

The Investment Doctor, European Small-Cap Ideas : European small-caps in the spotlight, focusing on capital gains and dividend income.

Dividend Stream, Streaming Income : Building income with reasonably priced dividend stocks.

Eli Inkrot, Inkrot's Dividend Growth Portfolio : Access to my portfolio, watch lists and transactions along with detailed answers to subscriber questions.

Value Digger, Value Investor's Stock Club : Unparalleled, actively-managed, high-return Portfolio of unknown/underfollowed stocks including high-yield stocks. Transparent management, unrivaled returns (>100%).

Pat Stout,Stout Opportunities : Proper risk structure is key for portfolio performance. Make use of stocks, bonds and options.

Maks F.S., Income Idea : Actionable ideas and strategies focused on generating income in all market environments.

Remember, drop a comment below if you have a Marketplace experience to share or would like to give a shout out to any other Seeking Alpha authors who you think should join the Marketplace ranks!

Also, as always, if you enjoy the D&I Digest and would like to be alerted to future editions, don't forget to "follow" me! And please let me know if there's a topic you'd like to see covered in a future D&I Digest, either by commenting below or sending me a private message. I'd love to hear from you.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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