Digital Intelligence Firm Cellebrite Launches Crypto Tracing Tool Powered by CipherTrace


Israel-based digital forensics firm Cellebrite announced the launch of its cryptocurrency and blockchain tracing tool on Tuesday.

  • In an announcement on its website, the firm said the tracking solution is powered by CipherTrace’s crypto intelligence tool and aims to help investigators identify illicit transactions using digital currencies.
  • According to the announcement, Cellebrite’s forensic tool will allow users to scour the blockchain for transactions, evaluate risk level and flag addresses known to be associated with criminal activity. 
  • The announcement also noted that with its new tool Cellebrite offers law enforcement and corporate users the ability to conduct crypto fraud investigation for them. 
  • Perhaps best known for its infamous Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED), used to extract data from locked cell phones,  Cellebrite’s other tools, as detailed by the CPJ and the Washington Post, have been used by Nigerian security forces and Myanmar’s police to suppress journalists and break open their phones to reveal their sources. 

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