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Nasdaq's Brad Smith chats with Ted Tanner, Co-Founder and CTO of PokitDok. PokitDok has developed DokChain, their technology platform that utilizes the blockchain. The company's platform is built to integrate large quantities of health care data without replacing infrastructure or altering workflows.

What DokChain Could Mean to the Average Consumer

DokChain is PokitDok's "healthcare-enabled implementation of the blockchain." The company notes that the DokChain platform will provide a secure network that connects all parties who requires access to healthcare related information and data. According to a blog post by Lisa Maki, CEO of PokitDok, "DokChain records all valid transactions across a secure, distributed network, stores the location of relevant data, and maintains and verifies access grants to that data so that all the transactions necessary to confirm and pay for an episode of care or other healthcare event can be securely tracked, verified, and shared."

How Would You Explain Blockchain to a 5th Grader?

PokitDok's CTO answers the question, "How would you explain blockchain to a 5th Grader?" "If you look inside a computer, it [blockchain] is the thing that powers the computer. The CPU. It is invisible, it is everywhere, and you really don't have to worry about how it works." He laughs and mentions that he says that viciously, then continues, "Blockchain technology allows you to have everything everywhere that is personalized for you."

The Excitement of the Blockchain Future

Tanner notes that he believes that the healthcare industry will take the lead [in blockchain technology]. But the supply chain and operations research areas will also lead the way -- especially allowing for the large-scale delivery of goods and services in a personalized fashion on the blockchain. He believes that consumers will see the "Uber" of personalized services for you just-in-time with accurate information.

The Challenges for the Future of Blockchain

Making note of the name of the conference, PokitDok's Tanner states that getting "Consensus." He is excited because he sees a variety of industries jumping into blockchain technology -- FinTech, HealthTech, Supply Chain Management, etc. are what is necessary to overcome any great challenges to the use of blockchain technology moving forward.

Watch the Entire Interview

Watch this Nasdaq interview from Consensus Summit 2017 via the Facebook Live video here or below:

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