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An Alternative Asset Class: Sculptures

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Global stock markets have been in considerable turmoil, and in times like these, it is normal for investors to start sitting on the sidelines and wait for the right opportunity. When global stock markets fall, it is always difficult for investors and traders to pinpoint where the exact bottom will be, and this creates two issues for them.

First, they may end up sitting on the sidelines for too long while waiting for the right entry. Second, they may begin to call a bottom every time the global stock market bounces from its lows of the year, like the one we saw last week. However, some smart investors take this opportunity to find the next trade for them, and they know that the best place may not be in the area where they ordinarily look.

Where Is The Next Opportunity?

Investors may end up finding the answer to their questions in the alternative asset class group. But the alternative asset class is massive, while a majority of investors automatically consider real estate investing as the best tangible and reliable investment opportunity. However, it is essential to diversify and broaden the scope of your alternative asset class portfolio by investing in a variety of other assets, such as crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies, and tangible assets like fine wine, paintings, and sculptures.

Investing in sculptures is an emerging trend; it's worth noting the popularity of Bohemian crystal sculptures. Polevsko is an important area of glass production in northern Bohemia, where the knowledge of skilled Czech and German glassmakers have worked for centuries.

Just like any art piece, the value of any sculpture is tied to the artist behind it. Vlastimil Beránek, an artist behind Bohemian crystal, comes from a well-known family of glassmakers connected with the Škrdlovice glassworks in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. His sculptures are present in the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan, the Imagine Museum in Florida, and elsewhere. His work was presented in 2017 in the first underwater exhibition of mould-melted glass sculptures in Punta Negra in Majorca and also was selected to represent Czech art on the Czech Republic pavilion during Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Looking through the lens of the investment, the value of art or sculpture soars based on a number of factors, but the two most important ones are the artist and the second is the buyer. A buyer adds significant value to artists' sculptures. For instance, Vlastimil pieces are in the private collections of rulers of countries from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Abu Dhabi. Hence, investors who are looking to invest in an alternative asset space should look very closely at who has owned those pieces before.

With the global stock market fighting against soaring inflation concerns and central bank policies, alternative asset classes are likely to catch the eye of smart money.

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