7 Reasons Why ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ Plans Fail

Dreaming of getting rich overnight? The lure of “get-rich-quick” schemes can be irresistible as they essentially promise huge sums of money in exchange for little work or a very low investment.

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Before falling for the hype, though, it’s important to understand the truth behind these big claims. In most cases, these schemes create more financial problems than they solve. 

Here are seven reasons why “get-rich-quick” plans fail — and ways to legitimately build wealth. 

1. They Promise Unrealistic Returns

Sound too good to be true? That’s because it probably is. Many schemes claim you can make a large amount of money in a very short amount of time, using enticing language to attract victims. But think about it — if this were such an easy way to build wealth, everyone would be doing it. 

2. They Require Little Work for Lots of Profit

Making a lot of money typically takes significant time and effort. Some investing scams will claim you can achieve huge returns on your money without having in-depth knowledge of the market or actively trading. It’s important to understand how much work goes into achieving something so you’ll know what’s feasible — and what’s a scam. 

3. There’s Little Transparency on What They Actually Do

Vague descriptions like “make money while you sleep” or “elite investment strategies” are red flags. Legitimate investments or businesses should clearly explain how they make money. 

4. There’s No Real Product or Service

Valid investments are tied to real companies or businesses — if you’re not sure exactly what you’re investing in, it’s a sign you probably shouldn’t invest. 

5. They Require an Upfront Payment

Many schemes ask for money upfront to access “secrets” that will supposedly make you wealthy. This is often just a ploy to grab cash without providing value.

6. You Must Recruit Others To Make Money

Many “get-rich-quick” schemes are pyramid schemes, which rely on investors recruiting new participants to drive money, instead of actually generating wealth through a product or service.   

7. They Rely on ‘Hot Tips’ and ‘Secrets’

Building wealth takes work, persistence, and some luck — no tip can substitute. As Dave Ramsey has put it, the key to lasting wealth is investing steadily over time.

The road to building wealth is often slow and steady, and not very flashy. Yet it’s often much more sustainable to stick with money-generating habits that don’t seem like a pipe dream, including:

  • Increasing your income with side hustles, like ridesharing or food delivery ;
  • Getting a raise at your current job;
  • Building a sustainable savings strategy ;
  • Investing consistently over time ;
  • Reducing spending and high-interest debt.

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While these tips may seem more boring than something that can make you rich overnight, they’re all tried-and-true ways to build wealth over time.

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