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Creative, smart, and clever: these are terms that are usually reserved for when a company produces an innovative product that shifts industrial paradigms or develops a business model that is more counter-culture to the norm. The magnitude of one's wit does not help generate revenues, I would say, is a fair assessment to claim.

Every once in a while, it is refreshing to witness companies not be so serious, monotonous, and systematic - solely caring about revenue figures - by showing a semblance of humor with their stock tickers. Relative to the majority of lackluster tickers that are merely appreciations of a company's name, Ferrari announcing that its ticker will be RACE once the automotive company goes public is a simply awesome.

In light of the Ferrari announcement, let's take a look 10 clever and apropos stock tickers:

1. HOG - Harley Davidson

The Milwaukee born Harley Davidson ( HOG ) has one of the best and most fitting tickers. Their brand's name is synonymous with motorcycles, or the slang term "hogs." Harley Davidson has been producing motorcycles for over 100 years, and their products have become a piece of Americana. We should be thankful that their ticker isn't HDMC or something just as dull.

2. BOOM - Dynamic Materials

If you could not tell by the ticker, Dynamic Materials Corp. ( BOOM ) is a company that specializes in explosion metal working. These forms of explosion metal workings include: cladding, where two or more metals are explosively joined to each other; and forming of metals in which metals are shaped, shock hardened, or altered using explosives as an energy source. The only other fitting ticker would be ACME, yet unfortunately, is not available to use.

3. FUN - Cedar Fair

Cedar Fair, L.P. ( FUN ) and its affiliated companies own and operate five amusement parks: cult classic Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm, Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Valleyfair, and Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun. Six Flags ( SIX ) must certainly be upset they cannot use this ticker.

4. ZEUS - Olympic Steel

The tensile strength of this ticker exceeds that of the iron and carbon alloy. With Zeus being the strongest of Greek gods and Mt. Olympus being his domain, the ticker's references almost makes you want to forget the fact that Olympic Steel ( ZEUS ) currently has a Zacks Rank #5 (Strong Sell).

5. HEAR - Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach ( HEAR ) is an audio technology company that designs audio products for personal computers, mobile devices and video game consoles in the consumer, commercial, and healthcare markets. Too bad none of the telecommunication companies capitalized on this ticker before Turtle Beach snatched it up. Can you hear me now, Verizon ( VZ )?

6. PLOW - Douglas Dynamic

Another Milwaukee based company makes the list. Douglas Dynamic Inc. ( PLOW ) designs, manufactures and sells snow and ice control equipment for light trucks, which is comprised of snowplows and sand and salt spreaders, and other related accessories. The company could have gone in multiple directions with a clever ticker, but this one just plows over the prospective competition.

7. HEINY - Heineken

Heineken N.V. ( HEINY ) makes the list simply because it makes the inner 8-year old child in all of us giggle when saying the word "heiny." The beer industry does have solid tickers. I'm rather surprised no company has tried to obtain "BEER" as its ticker.

8. GRR - The Asian Tigers Fund

This is the only non-company ticker to make the list. Quite frankly, a list of clever tickers would not be complete without the inclusion of the Asian Tigers Fund ( GRR ). It may very well be the best one on this list.

9. ROCK - Gibraltar Industries

What makes Gibraltar Industries ( ROCK ) ticker reference to the Rock of Gilbratlar rather ammusing is that the company does not have a connection to limestone or the Iberian Peninsula. The company manufactures building materials, primarily metal bar grating used for constructing roads, bridges, and airport runways. The people in charge of Gibraltar Industries simply capitalized on a fantastic opportunity.

10. BEN - Franklin Resources

Last but not least, and my personal favorite, Franklin Resources' ( BEN ) ticker would only be perfect if the investment advisory company was headquartered in Philadelphia. When you click on the link in the previous sentence, its corresponding tab in the internet browser reads "BEN: FRANKLIN." This may not be the cleverist of the bunch, but it is the dorkiest of the lot.

Final Thoughts

More companies should embrace this concept of using witty ticker listings, even if it would involve forcing some companies to change their already existing ones for the sake of humor. I would personally love to see the company formally known as Google ( GOOGL ) change their ticker to "LMNOP."

But until then, let's appreciate the companies that do appreciate a clever play on words.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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