10 Best Tech Jobs by Salary Growth in 2024

For years, jobs in the tech industry have served as lucrative career choices, and 2024’s offerings are no different.

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Despite widespread layoffs recently, there is still a lot of demand, according to Splunk. The thriving nature of the industry means that those looking for new positions, whatever the reason, have a good chance of finding one within a few months. We’ve gathered the best based on their average salaries and growth potential. You might find something that fits your skill set well.

1. Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers address the basics of cloud services and computing. It’s a broader position that has applications to numerous companies. They make $131,000 annually, on average.

2. Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud computing is a huge area of the industry, offering consumers and businesses to get work done faster and more efficiently. The high growth stems from the way companies are increasingly utilizing cloud computing technology to maintain their market edge. Average yearly earnings are $158,000, rising to $200,000 for more experienced employees.

3. Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are trained to understand and improve infrastructure security. They make an average of $107,000 per year.

4. Cloud Security Engineer

These engineers are responsible for ensuring the safety of a company’s in the cloud. They help protect them against hackers, breaches and other vulnerabilities. Cloud security engineers make around $122,000 on average.

5. Blockchain Software Engineer

Software engineers with specialty in blockchain technology are another area of high demand, given blockchain’s pervasiveness in the digital and financial worlds. The average blockchain software engineer makes $187,500 per year, according to Levels.fyi.

6. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning is another popular area of the industry, with vast applications from finance to medicine, as explained by UVA Data Science. Machine learning engineers earn $162,000 on average.

7. Data Scientist

Many businesses rely on data scientists so that they can extrapolate meaningful data from a sea of information. Their average annual earnings are $128,000.

8. AI Specialist

AI specialists use their backgrounds in computer science or engineering to assist with operations involving AI. They make about $138,000 on average.

9. Technical Product Manager

Technical product managers oversee production or maintain an ongoing computer-related product. Their average salary is $126,000.

10. Software Developer

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Software developers create and improve new software, like applications or games. They make around $119,000 a year.

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