Peter Strandell

Peter Strandell

Senior Vice President, Group Treasurer

Peter Strandell is the Senior Vice President and Group Treasurer for Nasdaq. As the Treasurer, Peter oversees the Group's Debt/Funding, Asset and liquidity management. In this position he is also responsible for all Counterparty, Currency, Interest rate and Foreign Exchange rate Risk Management. 

In addition to managing Treasury Services, Peter also oversees the Risk Management in the Groups Clearing Houses. Since assuming his position, Peter has been the financial architect over Nasdaq transformation to a solid Investment Grade company with a well-diversified debt structure and access to multiple sources of capital. 

Since the break out of the financial crises in 2008, Peter and his Risk Management team has been focused on implementing new capital adequacy and liquidity models which improves the Groups' capacity to better navigate and withstand financial turmoil. Before the current role, Peter was the Group Treasurer for the Nordic Exchange group, OMX AB, which he joined 1998. 

He holds a degree in Business Administration and Finance from Stockholm University. Peter also serves at the Board of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, New York (SACC).