Lisa Roberts, Vice President, Nasdaq Legal & Regulatory Group

Lisa Roberts

Vice President, Nasdaq Legal & Regulatory Group

Lisa Roberts is Vice President and Regulatory Program Manager at Nasdaq, Inc., where she drives strategic regulatory, technology and operations focused initiatives. Most recently she served as the corporate-wide project manager for Nasdaq’s groundbreaking board diversity proposal, advising the CEO and executive leadership team and educating external stakeholders. Lisa oversees a global team of technology and business professionals who have a wide range of responsibilities, including the managing the Listing Center and Reference Library websites, development of compliance programs to monitor listing -related activity, statistical reporting and analysis of listing and surveillance activities and management of Nasdaq’s legal and regulatory budget. Lisa is also the chief architect of Nasdaq’s regulatory-focused machine learning program, successfully applying AI to facilitate the review of SEC filings and compliance monitoring programs. Lisa was integral to the growth of Nasdaq’s employee resource group for women, serving as both a local ambassador and President, and founded annual Nasdaq’s Advancing Women Leaders event. Lisa received her Bachelor of Arts from The American University and her Master of Business Administration from the George Washington University School of Business.