Jakayah Maxwell

Jakayah Maxwell

Digital Marketing Specialist

I could tell just from meeting my managers that this was a place where I was going to be well supported.

Six months into a one-year nonprofit workforce development program, Year Up, Jakayah Maxwell was paired with Nasdaq for an internship, a serendipitous match that effectively launched her career.

Jakayah was not only one of the first Year Up interns at Nasdaq, but the first to join her team full-time as a digital marketing associate in 2019.

“I could tell just from meeting my managers that this was a place where I was going to be well supported, where I was going to have clear directions and understand everything that I’m supposed to be doing,” Jakayah said. “When I got here, everyone was all smiles, welcoming and ready to lend a hand; overall, it was a very warm cultural environment that I didn’t expect from a technology corporation.”

During her internship and throughout 2019, Jakayah was instrumental in the web content migration of multiple product page content from the former domain into the new Nasdaq.com platform.

Now, as a Digital Marketing Specialist, Jakayah continues to play a crucial role in supporting Nasdaq business units with the daily creation, updates, and strategic management of their web page content on Nasdaq.com and Nasdaqtrader.com. Known as a troubleshooting guru, she’s quick to jump in and train others on the best practices for using the content management system.

In addition, she manages the connection and governance of the video vendor dashboard used to publish video clips on Nasdaq.com, such as the Nasdaq Stock Market Bell Ceremonies and Nasdaq TradeTalks series.

“I love that there is something here for every aspiration I’m going for or want to be involved with, and it’s fun; it’s a great environment with great people,” Jakayah said.

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