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SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A1 Group, Inc. (the "Company" or "AWON") would like to announce that the Company has completed the acquisition of AICPG, LLC, a Nevada Limited Liability Company ("AICPG"), as well as a change of control transaction.

The closing documents set forth the material terms and conditions of both the acquisition of AICPG as well as the change of control transaction previously announced this month as a letter of intent. Under the terms of the Share Exchange Agreement ("SEA"), the Company will be issuing 740,000,000 shares of Common Stock in exchange for all the membership units of AICPG outstanding, making AICPG a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. In a related party transaction, pursuant to a Share Purchase Agreement ("SPA"), Ruben Padilla purchased all the issued and outstanding voting control shares of the Company from Lloyd Preston Jr. which are 6,000,000 shares of the Series "A" Preferred Stock and 1,000,000 shares of the Series "B" Preferred Stock.

As part of the change of control transaction (e.g., execution of the SEA and SPA), Lloyd Preston Jr. resigned all his positions with the Company and the board of directors approved Ruben Padilla as the new CEO and Chairman of the Board, and Neil Benedict as President of the Company. Over the next few months, the Company will be adding additional strategic members to both its management team and its board of directors, mainly with industry professionals.

"I am very excited to complete these series of transactions that have resulted in AICPG becoming the primary engine of business development for the Company," said Ruben Padilla. "With the acquisition of AICPG and the change of control now completed, we plan on moving forward with the negotiation and acquisition of several revenue producing business operations that fit well with the Company's new overall business focus and strategic objectives. The Company will be announcing these material transactions over the coming weeks."

AICPG (Artificial Intelligence for Consumer-Packaged Goods) stands as a pioneering force at the intersection of technology and consumer product development. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, their team of experts develop innovative consumer products that utilize data as their key value driver, while eliminating processes, and automating manufacturing.

AICPG has a proprietary Advanced Manufacturing system that automates the creation of graphic printing files, prints, and manufactures on demand. This applied use of digital technology shortens time to market, enabling the use of packaging as a marketing tool. Our system is used to create consumer products under several market segments including ready-to-drink-beverages, coffee, herbal teas, gift wrap, and confectionery. The D2Cafe.com is the customized coffee portal owned by AICPG; it serves as a template for our mass customization vision. Additionally, AICPG has some of the most advanced algorithms for consumer product formulation. Our generative AI tools have created beverages, confectionary, and cosmetic formulas which we are ready for the consumer market. Also, our NutriLink dynamic ingredient panels are the most advanced AI application for personalized, on pack consumer ingredient information. 

"We are finalizing a joint venture with a well-known individual in conjunction with a proposed roll out of a nationwide consumer product, which should add to the excitement with regard to the future of the Company," said Ruben Padilla. "We want our stakeholders to be as excited as we are with regards to the future of the Company. We will work tirelessly to build a solid business foundation, focused on top line revenue growth, and underpinned by innovation. The digitization of the consumer products sector is reaching mass adoption and this is an exciting time for the Company and its stakeholders as the management executes the Company's strategic plan. The focus of our acquisitions as well as all other proposed corporate actions, will be solely guided by our commitment  to the creation of long-term stakeholder value."

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A1 Group, Inc. is a Nevada corporation, is a public quoted Pink Sheet OTC issuer under the ticker symbol "AWON" (the "Company"). The Company reports as an alternative reporting issuer with OTC Markets Group, Inc. and is current in its mandatory required filings (e.g., Pink Sheet Current). The Company has acquired assets to become a producer of oxygen-enhanced water products intended to help improve one's health, wellness, and lifestyle. The company's products will be produced were produced using a proprietary O4 molecule that is BPA-free and contained higher oxygen content than regular water and is packed with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, enabling consumers to increase stamina, improve focus and promote faster recovery. Additionally, the Company plans on becoming a regional co-packer of water products for large clients.


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