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Surveillance’s periodical reports contain statistical material on listings and enforcement matters, but also explanatory text and thematic articles. The purpose of the reports is to contribute to sound market practices by describing important aspects of rule interpretation and compliance, but also to uphold confidence in the surveillance function by ensuring a relevant level of transparency around our activities.

We hope that you find the reports informative and would welcome any feedback you may have on them! Note, the October - December report every year is included in the annual report.

2021 Nordic Surveillance Report

From a surveillance perspective the primary focus is to support the development of the Nordic Markets by upholding market integrity, capital formation, and investor protection. During 2021, 206 companies were listed on the Nasdaq Nordic markets – one of the highest numbers ever recorded during a single year. As a result of the high number of listings, we have during the last year initiated several initiatives to ensure sufficient capacity to manage ongoing surveillance of listed companies. For 2022, a focus area will be to further enhance the use of technology to enable us to perform an even more efficient Surveillance of the Nordic markets, e.g. by implementing tools for monitoring activity on social media platforms.

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2020 Nordic Surveillance Report

We embarked on 2020 with the ambition to continue building on the efforts we initiated in 2019, with particular focus on upholding market integrity and transforming the Nordic listing process. However, Covid-19 has had significant impact on the exchange environment – including investors, companies, and individuals across the global community – and led to a need for the Nasdaq Nordic surveillance function to address the effects of the pandemic from market integrity and market quality perspective.

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2019 Nordic Surveillance Report

In 2019 Nasdaq welcomed 62 new companies to our Nordic markets (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland and Stockholm), raising 2684 million EUR in capital. In addition, Nasdaq First North has been one of Europe’s most active markets for small and medium sized companies.

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2018 Nordic Surveillance Report

In 2018 Nasdaq welcomed 83 new companies to our Nordic markets (Copenhagen, Helsinki, Iceland and Stockholm), raising 2,56 billion EUR in capital. A majority of the new listings (50 companies or 60 percent of the total number of new listings) were on Nasdaq First North, which is our growth market for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

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2017 Nordic Surveillance Report

2017 has certainly been an interesting exchange year with numerous events around our listed companies, interesting developments regarding listings, de-listings and takeover situations, all ingredients to a vibrant public capital market!

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2016 Nordic Surveillance Report

The exchange industry in general and market surveillance in particular will never be dull and uneventful. 2016 was certainly another year that presented significant developments and a very high level of activity in many fields.

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2015 Nordic Surveillance Report

2015 was another active year for our markets and for our surveillance activities. Trading conditions have shifted during the year and we have for most asset classes seen periods characterized by steady growth, uncertainty and turbulence during the year.

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2014 Nordic Surveillance Report

2014 was another active year for surveillance activities. A dominant theme for the year, with regards to the equities markets, has been the very strong IPO climate and the unprecedented IPO activity.

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2013 Nordic Surveillance Report

The operations of Trading Surveillance have been influenced by the positive market sentiment during 2013. In times when the market sentiment is positive the number of referrals regarding suspected insider trading tends to increase and that was the case for 2013 as well.

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