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Behind the Bell: LeddarTech


In this episode of Behind the Bell, LeddarTech President & CEO Frantz Saintellemy shares how the company is revolutionizing driving with its environmental sensing solutions for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems.


To the next generation leaders out there, I wish them to be bold, to have audacious goals and not let obstacles get in your way. They're part of the journey.

Our mission, you know, is really to improve the lives of daily commuters, to save lives by developing unique software technology that helps reduce car accidents, in fact, eliminate accidents and collisions altogether. Working with Nasdaq has been a phenomenal experience. Number one is— Nasdaq is a market leader. Being in the tech industry, Nasdaq is a reference. Working with Nasdaq also means that we have access to a global market, and that means a lot to us.

In the future, there'll be many great automotive breakthrough technologies that will be integrated in the vehicle. And we believe that AI based fusion and perception software will be at the forefront of this breakthrough and that's going to help improve the lives of many communities across the world. 

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